NBC's Streaming Service Eyeing Quantum Leap Revival Series

Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell might not be the only classic NBC shows being revisited for NBCUniversal's Peacock, as a revival of Quantum Leap is being eyed for the streaming service.

NBC Head of Program Planning and Strategy Jeff Bader explained to /Film that a revival of the beloved cult science fiction series was being considered. "That’s one that I know everyone is discussing," he said. However, a revival of Quantum Leap may prove difficult to pull off, as leading man Scott Bakula is currently involved with NCIS: New Orleans and costar Dean Stockwell retired from acting in 2015.

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Created by Donald P. Bellisario, Quantum Leap aired on NBC for five seasons between 1989-1993. The series followed Sam Beckett (Bakula), a quantum physicist in the year 1999 who becomes stuck in the past when his time travel experiment goes haywire. In each episode, Sam "leaps" into a different person, and in order to make the next leap, he has to fix something that went wrong in the past. Accompanying Sam on his adventures is U.S. Navy rear admiral Al Calavicci (Stockwell), who appears as a hologram only visible and audible to Sam.

The series ended with the episode "Mirror Image," in which Sam alters history so Al and his wife Beth stay together, while also learning he can control his leaps. The final scene of the series informs viewers that Sam never returned home.

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The Quantum Leap revival currently has no announced release date or casting information.

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