Netflix's Arcane Is a 'Love Letter' to League of Legends and Animation

Arcane showrunner and co-creator Chrisitan Linke discussed his views on how the League of Legends television series is a love letter to the animation world and everything that the game stands for.

Speaking to Deadline, Linke said that the Netflix show is "this love letter to the IP… to animation and to every craft that’s involved," touching on all the processes that make up animation like sound design, music and voice acting. Linke, who doubles as a creative director at Riot Games, also opened up about the show being more than just a generic flick for fans to gloss over and leave, but a platform "where we can create a conversation piece for people that have loved this IP and the characters for such a long time."

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Linke acknowledged League's rich world, lore and characters as one of the reasons why he and co-creator Alex Yee drafted Arcane in the first place, stating that the characters in League rarely talked in-game. To Linke, "[Arcane] lets us explore things and sides from our characters we’ve never gotten to. There’s these questions of where do they sleep? What do they eat? It’s all those little things that I think make a human, human." 

He stated that the origin story of Jinx and Vi, rival sisters and Arcane's lead characters, is the perfect "entry point" for telling League's epic partnerships and betrayals without confusing newcomers. Arcane, which premiered on Nov. 6, has been received by a slew of positive reviews, with fans of the game praising it for honoring beloved characters such as Jinx, who has been a staple of the game for more than a decade. Critics have hailed the show for its unique painting-esque art style and captivating story.

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Netflix renewed the series for a second season following its success, ensuring that fans will experience more epic stories from the vibrant city of Piltover and the world Runeterra as a whole. Riot Global President of Entertainment Shauna Spenley said that "the whole strategy for Arcane specifically is [to] celebrate," and to "give our players more to love."

Arcane serves as Riot's big step into television, a step that has already borne promising fruits. Linke stated that he feels "confident in the statement that everyone that works on these things feels like they’re working on the most important thing they’ve ever done in their craft."

Released in three parts, Arcane Season 1 is streaming on Netflix with no premiere date for Season 2. 

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Source: Deadline

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