Netflix's Super Crooks Season 1 Ending, Explained

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Season 1 of Super Crooks, now streaming on Netflix.

In Netflix's Super Crooks, Johnny Bolt works to redeem his failures as a super-villain. Midway through Season 1, he botched a robbery the day Kasey accepted his marriage proposal, which saw him tossed in the Supermax prison for five years. Upon getting out, he rounds up the old squad, including Kasey, for one final job: they need $100 million to save their mentor, the Heat, from being killed by the Salamander, leader of the villainous Network. This leads to a mind-bending finale as old grudges are finally settled in a brutal act of trickery.

What's The Japanese Heist About in Super Crooks?

Matts/The Bastard was the one who ruined Johnny and co.'s life, quashing their attempts to steal a magical helmet needed by Count Orlok. This took away millions in cash, pushed them back into petty crime and landed Johnny in the clinker, ergo why he wants revenge. He reveals they can infiltrate Matts' Japanese island casino and steal a briefcase that defies space-time and stores its own world. The Bastard has hidden immense treasures there, which will give them plenty of money to retire on.

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The plan requires them to shut down two security systems that dampen their powers, but Kasey, after doing some groundwork as a spy with Roddy, decides to head to the airport. She doesn't think they'll succeed but Matts and his bodyguard, the Praetorian, intercept her after she used her psychic powers on the latter earlier in Season 1. He successfully locks on to her signature and they take her in for torturing.

What Happens In The Bastard's Catacombs?

Johnny's two teams disable both systems, with Roddy and Sammy, who can regenerate their bodies, plowing through the traps and getting dismembered. Thankfully the brothers are able to reform and shut the dampeners down. However, Matts and his butler, Miguel, have used a truth serum that gets Kasey to admit they're being robbed. Praetorian, Super Crooks' version of Superman, heads down and proceeds to pummel the thieves mercilessly.

Luckily, Gladiator is with them and proves to be the equalizer. Johnny blackmailed him over his lifestyle which he wanted to keep secret, but Gladiator is actually enjoying the heist -- as a member of the Union of Justice from Jupiter's Legacy, he wants Praetorian to pay for being corrupt and backstabbing them. Gladiator ends up bashing Praetorian's skull in, giving him brain damage before they flee the catacombs.

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Does The Bastard Get His Revenge in the Super Crooks Finale?

Enraged over the deceit, Matts uses his psychic powers where he can blow people's heads up, causing Kasey's skull to explode. However, as he seeks out the thieves to train his gaze on them, he realizes he's trapped in an illusion. The person whose head he blew up is actually Miguel, not Kasey. It was all part of Johnny's plan, with Kasey tricking Matts the moment he picked her up in the airport.

All along, Matts was in the island's cave where he meditated -- a spot Kasey could work his mind as the dampeners' effects didn't reach this far. He ends up killing the priest who'd helped him center himself, angry at how easily he was duped. Kasey meets the team on a boat and they speed off, eager to divvy up the shares. Johnny later frames the Salamander, Matts' successor, as the man who hired them, with Matts blowing Salamander's head up and seemingly taking back the Network.

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How Do Johnny, Roddy and co. Spend Their Cash?

After the Super Crooks' finale's great heist, Roddy uses his money to become a scientist and explore four-dimensional physics. Sammy spends his on booze and women, while the weather-controlling Forecast tests his powers with weather satellites. The flame-throwing Heat goes back to his old gambling ways, while the telekinetic T.K. vacations with his family and the phase-shifting Ghost does philanthropy work in Greece.

Gladiator admits his secrets to his husband and they improve their relationship -- as well as his standing in the public eye, as many wondered if he was corrupt after working jobs with Praetorian in the past. Lastly, Johnny Bolt sheds his past as the lightning-generating Electro Boy, proposing to Kasey in a hot-air balloon to make amends. She finally accepts, and they can start the dream life they'd long spoken of.

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Boruto Masters His Most Powerful Tool - But the Cost Is Dire
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