Nightwing Reveals Why Batman’s Most Ridiculous Villain Is the Absolute Worst

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Batman: Wayne Family Adventures #11, available now on Webtoon.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures has successfully portrayed the more wholesome side of the Dark Knight and his family. In Wayne Family Adventures #11, by Starbite, CRC Payne, Maria Li, Lan Ma, Camille Cruz and Kielamel Sibal,  Batman calls Nightwing, Red Robin, Orphan, and Spoiler to a meeting to discuss some remaining open cases.

Keeping with the series' trend of light-hearted moments, the three open cases pertained to three of Batman's most ridiculous villains. These villains were The Baffler, Kite-Man, and lastly, the infamous Condiment King, who the Bat-Family quickly reveal to be their worst villain of the three to fight.

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Created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini and first appearing on Batman: The Animated Series, Condiment King is by far the most ridiculous villain in Batman's long list of foes. Mitchell Mayo, a comedian, utilizes various types of condiments as projectiles to use against his enemies. His weapons are sometimes capable of causing anaphylactic shock, but they largely don't. He also famously uses condiment-related puns. Both in comics and other media, Condiment King is a comic-relief villain usually easily taken down by Batman, Robin, Batgirl, or any other member of the Batfamily.

His debut in the DC Animated Universe was nothing more than a one-off joke where he stole some jewelry as part of one of the Joker's plots and got beat-up by Batman. Regardless, his ludicrous nature has won the hearts of fans over the years, making him a part of the core DC Comics universe and earning him spots in progressively bigger high-profile DC projects like The LEGO Batman Movie and the HBO Max original series Harley Quinn.

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At the mere mention of the fearsome name Condiment King here, Batman's crime-fighting partners reacted with anguish, and rightly so. After the jobs of handling Kite Man and The Baffler went to Stephanie and Tim, Nightwing and Orphan to decide who had to fight Condiment King. After a fierce staredown, the original Boy Wonder begrudgingly agreed to face Condiment King.

With that, Nightwing revealed why everyone hates fighting the sauce-wielding comedian: The Condiment King's weapons of choice take quite a toll on the Bat-Family's drycleaning. This likely included smells and stains of all kinds and in large amounts, thanks to Condiment King's powerful delivery system. This was emphasized by Nightwing in this issue. Once he yielded to Orphan, he revealed that the last time he fought Condiment King, it took him three weeks to get the mustard smell out of his suit, much to the amusement of his family.

Even Batman himself was relieved that Dick volunteered to fight Condiment King, revealing that this whole meeting was actually a plan for him to not have to fight the villain himself. Despite his obvious frustrations, Nightwing took another one for the team as he was tasked to take down Condiment King.

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