One-Punch Man: 5 Weird Secrets About Saitama’s Body

Saitama is without a doubt one of, if not the strongest hero in One-Punch Man, regardless of whether or not he earns any recognition for it. In fact, many of his feats tend to be attributed to other heroes such as the S-Ranked Hero King. Secretly, while Saitama is someone who can take on more punishment than most people can even imagine, he has a number of bodily quirks that make his type of strength even more special. Here are five unique aspects of Saitama's body you might not have noticed.

Why Is Saitama Bald?

While Saitama is a force that most villains don’t want to mess with once they know about his strength, he wasn’t always like that. As a matter of fact, Saitama fought against villains even while he had average levels of strength. Because he wasn’t defeating every for with his signature one punch in his early days, his early phase was devoid of the reputation he would later start to gain as a hero, acting both for the sake of stopping villains and eventually paying off his landlord.

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As Saitama grew strong enough to break his limits and become the hero we know him to be now, his appearance changes in one noticeable way. For instance, Saitama loses all of the hair on his head. Most of his body appears average from the outside, making his bald head the most distinguishing feature from his development to onlookers. It’s actually more amazing that his muscles aren't bulging out of his suit due to the feats he accomplishes in One-Punch Man. His bald head itself even causes him trouble sometimes, such as the episode in which a group of criminals sported bald heads themselves.

When Can Saitama Use His Powers in One-Punch Man?

Having the power to defeat every opponent with a single punch is a ridiculously strong power to have. With the amount of strength and speed Saitama has, one could imagine how simple daily chores should be. Walking long distances could be reduced to a matter of seconds and making any long-distance trip would feel like a cakewalk. Being late to any work shift or classes would be practically impossible. However, Saitama’s strength doesn’t seem to help him with much with these everyday situations.

This is demonstrated by his power not helping him to squash mosquitoes with any ease. Even for a hero as strong as Saitama, bugs are still annoying to deal with. In the anime, when confronted with one such pest, despite his fast reflexes, Saitama fails to actually squash the bug, ending up making repeated attempts at killing it while failing every time. It is funny to think about the idea of a mosquito beating Saitama’s speed and strength to stay alive.


Can One Punch-Man's Saitama Play Video Games?

As mentioned in the previous point, Saitama’s power doesn’t seem to help much with mundane scenarios like fighting off mosquitoes. But surely there must be a number of other normal things that Saitama can use his powers for, right? Well, perhaps not.

Saitama’s speed is so fast he can make duplicates of himself. Despite that, his reflexes don’t appear to help him when it comes to fighting games. Fighting games are reliant on both skill and the speed at which players press buttons, with the latter leaning heavily in Saitama’s favor. However, Saitama ends up losing to King in the gaming sphere during the second season of the anime. The fact that King doesn't possess any of the abilities Saitama does but can still defeat him goes to show how lacking Saitama can be in this department.

How Durable Is Saitama's Suit in One-Punch Man?

Saitama can take loads of hits without breaking a sweat. His insurmountable strength is so potent, in fact, that the majority of villains he faces don't pose any sort of challenge, with Boros being one of the few in the franchise that received consecutive normal punches from this behemoth of a hero. Because Saitama takes on planet-busting attacks and everything beneath that without ending up naked, it calls into question what exactly his suit is made of.

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Saitama's hero suit is the work of a tailor that he knew when he was starting out as a hero. He saved his business before Saitama settled into a new home and Saitama started to wear this outfit under his tracksuit. He doesn't make any special mention of the material that was used to make it, but his suit is evidently able to endure many punishing attacks while still staying somewhat intact. The best example of this is in the aforementioned fight against Boros, where despite his white cape being damaged, most of his suit survives the villain's attacks -- even the one that launched him to the moon.

How Strong Is Saitama's Lung Capacity in One-Punch Man?

Saitama's fight with Boros finally gave Saitama the extra excitement he craved: he didn't die with one punch for once. The fight against this alien allowed him to get somewhat serious, making it one that launched the two out of this world. Literally. This includes the previously mentioned moment in which Saitama is sent flying into the moon, cracking it on impact before he uses its surface to propel himself back into the fight.

A very underrated thing to note about this incident is that Saitama spends some time in space without needing to breathe. Naturally, his seemingly unlimited strength is what allowed him to brush off being flung into space, but what's even more amazing about this is that he doesn't seem to lose the air in his body from impact, on top of his ability to hold whatever air remained in his body while he zoomed back down to Earth.

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