Ozark Season 4’s First Trailer Hints at a Major Family Betrayal

Netflix just dropped the official trailer for the fourth and final season of Ozark, and it's packed full of mysteries foreshadowing the fates of the main characters. One of the Byrde family members, Jonah, is shown possibly betraying his family for another operation competing against Marty and Wendy.

The end of Ozark Season 3 suggests Jonah shifts loyalties once he finds out his mother's hand in the death of her brother, Ben, who Jonah grew close to during the season. The likelihood of this stems from Season 1, when Wendy expresses concern that Jonah will turn out like Ben and her father who both suffered from mental illnesses that made them dangerous to themselves and others. Jonah's actions, such as dragging dead animals to their home, threatening to kill the family lawyer and shooting the shotgun through the window, indicate that he's suffering as the youngest sibling craving attention, and Season 4 may force him to come out of the shadows.

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Now that the trailer for the final season has been released, this theory may very well be true, unless the show intends on misleading viewers. In the trailer, Jonah is seen speaking to Ruth, calling a woman "crazy," which heavily implies he's talking about Darlene, who Ruth now works for. Ruth suggests that Jonah does her money laundering and it sets up an intriguing storyline for the young man. Marty points out to his wife that Jonah is beginning to launder at only age 14 and then the trailer picks up that Jonah may be Marty's "greatest threat from the inside" with harrowing shots of him feeling separated from his family.

Jonah is noticeably much older this season even though Season 4 probably picks up right where the Season 3 finale left off, but him growing as a teenager may lend a hand to his misguided antics. His older sister Charlotte had been much less interested in the laundering operation until the end of Season 3, but Jonah was always curious on how exactly money laundering works, which his father instructed him on. Now Jonah is using this knowledge to possibly work for Ruth and Darlene's heroin business out of spite for his mother.

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Another interesting factor in the trailer are the missing posters of Ben hung up around town. Since the only people who ever really cared for Ben were Ruth, his sister and his family, it's possible that Wendy is masking Ben's death as a disappearance to cover up his murder that she signed off on. Jonah's breaking point in Season 3 was Ben's death and when he found out that his mother was behind it, there was a collapse in the family dynamic. No more was Jonah trusting of his parents to make the right choices for their family. Now he's acting out of revenge like a typical teenager, but in a very dangerous setting.

Jonah's treachery leads to either one of his two paths for him -- he will either pass his parents as a very important figure in the drug and money laundering industry, or it will backfire on him since he could be switching to a side that the Navarro drug cartel has marked as an enemy. Either way, Jonah is still a kid in an illegal operation that he has no business being in, but he can thank Marty's careless decision to involve his children for that.

To see what comes of Jonah's decisions, Ozark Season 4: Part 1 becomes available on Netflix Jan. 21.

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