Parks and Recreation: Season 2 Established Endgame Couples

The connections between characters were at the center of Parks and Recreation. These people's deep-rooted friendships informed everything that happened in the series, even leading to several of the main characters pairing off and finding happiness together. What was interesting was that by the end of Season 2, the signs of who would end up with who were already clearly in place.

While the first season of Parks and Recreation wasn't exactly great TV, the show finally started picking up steam in Season 2. The series found its own comedic voice, which was key. But the departure of  Mark Brendanawicz and the arrival of Ben Wyatt and Chris Trager were also important. These changes turned Parks and Recreation into one of the funniest shows on TV, and they were integral to building relationships that would define the series.

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From the moment Ben and Chris debuted in Season 2, Episode 23, it was obvious where everything with them was heading. Ben and Leslie were enemies at first but the connection between them started building quickly. The same was true of Chris and Ann. Neither relationship was easy, with both of them starting and stopping throughout the series. But by the time Parks and Recreation was done, each couple was firmly together with kids.

Oddly enough, the same was true of April and Andy. Throughout most of Season 2, April had a crush on Andy that went over his head. When he finally clued in to what was going on, he tried to make things work. Unfortunately, Ann got in the way in Season 2, Episode 24 which caused April to run to Venezuala for several months. Again, fans knew this was a temporary situation and by the middle of Season 3, April and Andy were married.

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Ann and Chris. Leslie and Ben. April and Andy. These are all relationships that began to form in Season 2, relationships that fans could see working out down the road. The one that no one saw coming was Lucy and Tom. They met in Season 2, Episode 23 when Tom stopped by The Snakehole Lounge to settle his tab from the night before. They ended up going out and were a couple by Season 2, Episode 24.

Things didn't last long as Lucy and Tom were done by Season 3, Episode 3. She would pop up occasionally throughout the rest of the series, finally becoming a fixture in Tom's life in Season 7 when she moved back to Pawnee to help him run his burgeoning restaurant empire. It was during this time that they officially became a couple once again, fulfilling the promise of their initial relationship several seasons earlier.

None of these couples had clear paths to where they ended up. And they couldn't be more different from each other. But the one thing they have in common was that all of them were essentially in place or at least foreshadowed by the end of Season 2. Parks and Recreation was a series that took the long view of storytelling and the genesis of these relationships from Season 2 all the way through Season 7 certainly demonstrated that.

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