Payday 2: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for New Heisters

Despite being over seven years old, Payday 2 is still one of the most popular multiplayer games on Steam. With more new players joining the Payday crew every day, many novice heisters are looking for ways to maximize their profits in the shortest amount of time.

Becoming a notorious heister is no easy task. By following these simple tips, novice players will be able to complete complicated heists with relative ease. Just remember that building up a respectable reputation takes time. Don't be discouraged if you get stuck mission or continually fail stealth heists. If you stick to it and apply these helpful tips, you will be able to play with the best in no time.

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Plan Your Approach

Organizing your inventory to correspond with each heist's playstyle is vital in Payday 2. Players will need to communicate with their teammates to figure out the best way to approach each mission. Loud heists require a hefty amount of health and ammo to complete. However, having an influx of one or the other may jeopardize the mission. Make sure to have an equal distribution of medkits and ammo bags before accepting a loud contract.

Stealth contracts require players to replace medkits with ECMs jammers and body bags. Ammo is still needed during stealthy bank heists, but only if a team plans on opening the safety deposit boxes with a saw. Most stealth missions won't require armed combat, so planning a strategy to sneak past enemies is more important than bringing a bunch of items.

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It is also crucial that players reduce their threat levels as much as possible before entering a stealth mission. Wearing light clothing and carrying inconspicuous guns are two great ways to dimmish threat levels. There are also a few traits and skills players can equip to make their character even more stealthy.

Don’t Jump into Difficult Heists Right Away

Although the longer, more difficult heists give players astronomically more cash and experience, jumping into them prematurely will only lead to frustration. As players progress, better guns, weapon mods and skills will unlock. Accepting a difficult contract before unlocking the proper gear will almost always guarantee a quick death. Playing through easier missions will allow players to build up their skills and unlock powerful inventory items before taking on more advanced heists.

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Utilize Stealth

Completing stealth missions may be the quickest way to level up in Payday 2. Simple heists like the Ukrainian Job and Bank Heist: Gold can be completed silently, giving novice heisters the skills they need for more advanced missions. Even on higher difficulties, the Ukrainian Job and various Bank Heists are rather easy to complete stealthily.

If a player finishes a mission without raising an alarm, they will receive an XP bonus after completing their next heist. Up to 15% more XP will be applied to the following mission. If a heist crew can pull off multiple stealth missions consecutively, the 15% will continually carry over, allowing players to reach infamous status in a blink of an eye.

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