Marvel's First Phoenix Revealed Thor's Birth Taught Odin a 'Mjolnir Lesson'

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers #50, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The Mighty Thor has an amazing story that covers themes of humility and the consequences of using divine great power. However, for him to understand these lessons, his father, Odin, had to take that power away from him.

For decades, it has been believed that the idea to teach the God of Thunder these difficult but valuable lessons came strictly from the mind of the Allfather. However, Avengers #50 (by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Carlos Pacheco, Ed McGuinness, Javier Garron, Rafael Fonteriz, Alex Sinclair, David Curiel, Matt Hollingsworth, Rachelle Rosenberg and VC's Cory Petit) suggested an interesting aside that involves Odin and Thor's recently revealed mother, the Phoenix, and it could change their entire familial dynamic.

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The Avengers from One Million B.C. are a relatively new (or old, really) team of heroes that consist of the earliest iterations of Marvel heroes such as Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Included on the team are the Phoenix and Odin, who carries the hammer Mjolnir. In the past, the two had a romantic relationship before Odin married Frigga. It's this relationship that spawned Odin's son, Thor. However, it's also revealed that Odin had his own pompous streak that the Phoenix wanted him to be rid of. But her suggestion is what further connects the Allfather with his son.

Following a battle with Kid Thanos, Odin laments that humanity has reached its peak, and as they continue to evolve, it will be downhill for the planet. In response, the Phoenix excuses Odin for his comments and explains that he still has a lot to learn about humility, and another child could teach him that. Although this implies that one of Thor's siblings, perhaps Angela, was already born, it also shows where Odin got the idea of teaching Thor humility, as well.

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In the comics, Thor was initially a careless hero who cared little for the consequences of his actions. This caused Odin to enchant the hammer that was passed down to Thor and banish him from Asgard. This was meant to teach the Asgardian the value of life and how to use his abilities responsibly. But Odin was just as careless, perhaps more so, and his time with his own team of Avengers was initially nothing more than a fun exercise.

However, he eventually learned that there was more to life than fighting. At this time, he and the Phoenix likely parented Thor, and Odin's later wife Frigga raised him as her own. This suggests that Phoenix was right, and a child helped the Allfather understand the importance of humanity.

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The same lesson has also helped Thor because if it weren't for his banishment, he would have likely never become a true hero. Even more so, he would have never become Allfather himself and help face many reality-shattering threats like Thanos. But more importantly, because of Odin's lesson, Thor can constructively process the revelation that the Phoenix is his mother.

The Phoenix is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. As a result of its age and experience, it is also one of the wisest. Teaching Odin humility is one of the small miracles the Phoenix has provided to the Marvel Universe. He was in turn able to pass this lesson on to his son, giving the Earth and the universe one of its greatest protectors.

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