Spider-Man Confirms a WandaVision Hero Is Fighting Their Own Secret War

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #78, now on sale

There are numerous evil corporations within the Marvel Universe -- extending from specific threats like Norman Osborn's OsCorp to more global menace like the ever-expanding Roxxon. One that stretches across entire dimensions is hard at work trying to gain a foothold in the core-Marvel Universe of Earth-616 -- and one hero (who was featured in WandaVision) is working to counteract them.

Amazing Spider-Man #78 by Kelly Thompson, Sara Pichelli, Jim Towe, Nolan Woodard, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC's Joe Caramagna reveals that Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are seemingly working with the Beyond Corporation at the behest of Photon -- who has a very personal vendetta with the multiversal company.

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The Beyond Corporation is one of the more bizarre organizations in the Marvel multiverse. A multiversal corporation that buys out pieces of various companies and intellectual property from numerous realities, the Beyond Corporation spreads their influence this way and effectively takes over worlds by purchasing brands and products until they've fully infiltrated themselves within the public consciousness and gain control over the surrounding society. The Beyond Corporation was introduced in Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's Nextwave, kidnapping a handful of heroes from Earth-616 and forcing them to confront demented armies on Earth-63163. Despite occurring in an alternate reality, the trauma from this event lingers -- with Monica Rambeau, in particular, carrying a fury for the Beyond Corporation.

Her hate for the organization was a major reoccurring element of her stint within Mighty Avengers, and now it appears she's still hunting down the company. In Amazing Spider-Man, Ben Reilly has taken up the mantle of Spider-Man with the financial support of the Beyond Corporation. After procuring the rights to the identity of Spider-Man, the company has recruited Reilly to become something of a brand ambassador by fighting crime while Peter Parker is in the hospital. They've also hired Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to assist their Spider-Man in his attempts to solidify the Beyond Corporations' hold in Earth-616. The two heroes have been primarily training Ben and working alongside him as emergency assistance. But it turns out they're not fully there to help Ben in his efforts to be a more heroic figure.

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While working to capture a seemingly feral Morbius while Ben recovers from a bite from the living vampire, the two are able to overwhelm the former villain. But sudden bursts of light destroy the Beyond Drones that have been monitoring them. It's revealed that Monica Rambeau is behind the blasts and that she's been specifically working with the two women to investigate the Beyond Corporation. The idea that the two heroines would simply work for the Beyond Corporation was unlikely, and it makes far more sense that they'd be working with someone like Photon to investigate the organization. Their proximity to Ben Reilly also means they might be able to flip his loyalty if they discover some nefarious plan for the Spider-Man.

While Nextwave painted the Beyond Corporation in a humorous light -- with the organization employing bonkers clones of the heroes, a villainous version of the Forbush Man, armies of "Broccoli Men," and even an erudite and villainous variant of Devil Dinosaur as a leader -- Monica's lingering fury over the organization's manipulations of her have always hinted at just how terrifying the Beyond Corporation really might be. Now, she might at least get the chance to catch them by surprise and help bring down a genuine multiversal-level threat.

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