Platinum End: Metropoliman & Girl A Spring Their Next Trap

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Platinum End Episode 6, "Two Painful Options," now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The battle royale for deciding the new God moves into its next phase after the mayhem at the Jinbo baseball stadium dies down. Metropoliman doesn't yet feel satisfied with his progress, so he recruits his strongest ally yet, a murderous adolescent girl known as Misurin, or "Girl A."

Metropoliman grants Misurin a set of wings and a red arrow, and Misurin begins acting on Metropoliman's behalf while under the influence of a red arrow. Misurin works hard to draw everyone's attention to her while Metropoliman prepares a trap to finish the job. Mirai and his new allies face their greatest challenge yet.

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Despite his victory at the Jinbo baseball stadium, Metropoliman believes that he can do more and take down his enemies more efficiently. He also realizes that drawing out the rival God candidates will require more provocation than making an announcement on the daytime news, so he provokes his remaining rivals by recruiting the knife-wielding Misurin, a girl who shocks Tokyo with her bloody crime spree. Japanese news stations remain fixed on "Girl A" as she kills one junior high student after another, leaving the bodies on display all the while.

Misurin makes sure that any God candidates watching the news can tell that she's using angelic flight to commit these crimes, making her stand out from all other criminals. Gruesome as her murders are, butchering junior high girls with knives doesn't prove that Girl A is a God candidate fighting for Metropoliman. Misurin leaves her victims' bodies in places only a person wielding angelic wings could reach, such as atop the Great Tower in Tokyo. As Misurin and Metropoliman intended, Nanato Mukaido watches the news at home and sees coverage of Misurin's latest crime at the Great Tower, and he resolves to go there and confront Girl A.

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Nanato Mukaido is much more willing than the pacifistic Mirai to use lethal force against Metropoliman, and he makes this clear while he, Mirai and Saki formulate their plan of attack in Saki's residence. Mirai feels reluctant to use a white arrow, but Nanato brings along pistols from his days in the Self Defense Force to boost his offensive abilities, and he and Mirai don experimental armor for the trip to the Great Tower. They and Saki know that this is a trap designed to catch God candidates, but this deadly scenario goes both ways. Metropoliman, if he arrives, will be vulnerable too, and either Mirai or Nanato can attack him directly.

Nanato proves his worth as a strategist not just by tracking the other God candidates, but also by making effective battle plans to face his worst enemy. So far, Nanato is the most effective member of Mirai's team despite lacking white arrows, and he has the resolve to take Metropoliman's life one way or another. If Mirai refuses to use the white arrows even in self-defense, Nanato can use his pistols, and he and Mirai can use each other as decoys to keep Metropoliman off-balance during the fight.

Once Nanato and Mirai arrive at the Great Tower and confront Girl A, Metropoliman remains back in his base and sets off some explosives to destroy the tower's top. Nanato hadn't planned for this, but with his flight, pistols and resolve, he may form a new plan before long, and either escape to prepare a new strategy or turn this around and possibly capture Girl A in the process. A bold leader like him won't leave this battle empty-handed -- he'll get ahead, one way or another.

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