How to Catch Spiritomb in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

For years, fans have clamored for remakes of the beloved Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Those prayers have finally been answered with the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which have proven to be nostalgic recreations of the Sinnoh region. The games are so faithful that they retain even the most obscure details from the originals, including the convoluted capture requirements for the elusive Spiritomb.

In a franchise brimming with unique methods to capture or evolve certain Pokémon, Spiritomb is infamous for being one of the most challenging. While the difficulty of the capture itself pales in comparison to the series' Legendary Pokémon, getting Spiritomb to actually appear is far tedious. Later installments have streamlined this process, but for better or for worse, Spiritomb's original mechanics return with a vengeance. However, following these steps will net a powerful addition to any team.

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Obtain the Odd Keystone

The first step to catching Spiritomb is to obtain the Odd Keystone. This mysterious item is obtained by speaking to an NPC hiding near some trees at the bottom of Route 208. After an ominous exchange, you will receive the stone. From there, continue to Route 209. Locate the Hallowed Tower, a rocky structure that (once activated) will prompt you to use the Odd Keystone. While this is indeed Spiritomb's location, you'll need to head to the Grand Underground before it will appear.

Speak With Characters in the Grand Underground

This is the step that many players dread, and it has undergone some changes. While the original required players to interact with other players 32 times in the Underground, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has made some changes to account for the Nintendo Switch's online functionality and the fact that you can no longer directly talk to other players in the Grand Underground. Instead, to draw Spiritomb out, you'll need to speak with 32 different NPCs, excluding the hikers that sell items.

The Grand Underground is composed of five separate areas, each with its own collection of characters, so speaking with 32 different NPCs may require journeying between them. Exiting and re-entering a room in the Underground can shuffle around NPC locations, but it won't necessarily spawn new characters. To prevent repeats, it may be helpful to jot down the names of any NPCs you encounter to ensure you haven't already talked to them. This process will take some time, but with a little determination, you will eventually find what you need.

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Capture Spiritomb at the Hallowed Tower

After speaking to the required number of characters, return to the Hallowed Tower. Interacting with it will finally put you face-to-face with Spiritomb, who can be captured like any other Pokémon. Be sure to save your game before the battle begins in case you accidentally defeat it and need to reset. It's possible to find other Odd Keystones in the Grand Underground, but most players will likely want to avoid having to repeat the previous step.

Once you manage to catch it, Spiritomb will make a worthy addition to your team. As a dual Ghost and Dark-type, this collective of souls is only weak to Fairy-type moves. It also has impressive defensive stats and access to strong support moves such as Hypnosis and Will-O-Wisp, making it a difficult Pokémon to get rid of.

Spiritomb's attack stats are nothing to scoff at either, especially since it can boost them with Calm Mind or Nasty Plot. Its only limiting factor is its abysmal speed, but this can be worked around with priority moves like Sucker Punch or with support from another Pokémon with Trick Room. Whether or not that makes the tedium of acquiring Spiritomb worth it is up to you, but there is no denying its impact on the battlefield and on the Pokémon community at large.

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