Pokémon Evolutions Promises a Return to Series’ Roots in Second Half Trailer

The Pokémon Evolutions anime is set to begin the series' second half, which will delve into the oldest games in the franchise.

A new trailer for the final four episodes of nostalgic web series was revealed on the official Pokémon Youtube channel. The trailer features a few glimpses of May, the female protagonist of the series' third generation, as well as several characters from the Sinnoh region, such as the player's rival Barry and the gym leader Roark. The main antagonists of Diamond and Pearl, the villainous Team Galactic, are also seen atop the Spear Pillar. Very brief glimpses of the regions from the first two games in the series can be seen; Johto's Sprout Tower can be glimpsed for a split second, as can the original game's most infamous legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo. Pokémon Evolutions will begin airing the second half of the series on Dec. 2. The series can be watched on both the official Pokémon YouTube channel and on the Pokémon TV app on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the Nintendo Switch family of consoles.

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Pokémon Evolutions is an all new anime series that looks back on all eight generations of the Pokémon video games. While the main Pokémon anime series is set within its own continuity, Evolutions presents a direct adaptation of the video game series' most iconic moments. The first episode of the anime premiered in September, and adapted the most recent games in the series, Sword and Shield. The show is working its way backwards, with the last episode focusing on the original games in the series, Pocket Monsters Red and Green Versions, which were originally released in Japan for the black-and-white Game Boy in 1996.

The new anime miniseries is just one of the ways of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have marked the multi-billion dollar franchise's 25th anniversary. The original Pokémon anime is still going strong; its latest season, entitled Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series, is being released exclusively through Netflix and sees Ash and Pikachu revisiting past regions and reuniting with old friends from previous seasons of the show. On the video game front, Nintendo recently released Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, HD remakes of the series' 2006 DS debut. The video game publisher also recently confirmed that Pokémon will be the third of its franchises to be added to Universal Studios theme parks. The mostly Super Mario-themed Super Nintendo World opened in Universal Studios Japan earlier this year to an overwhelmingly positive reaction, and the park previously announced plans to grow the Nintendo themed area with a Donkey Kong Country-themed expansion.

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