5 Outrageously Powerful Pokémon Who Could Destroy the World

Pokémon, in general, have an incredible command of elements and strength that would realistically be capable of causing all kinds of destruction. It's to the point where it's surprising the Pokémon world isn't an apocalyptic wasteland and that they are instead entrusted to pre-teen trainers. While a Charizard's flamethrower is dangerous in its own right, there are still far more dangerous Pokémon in the Pokédex that do more than just burn things. Some can steal people's lives, destroy whole swathes of land and even control the fabric of space and time itself.

The Pokémon roster didn't start out with these dangerous species, with the exception of the ghost Pokémon. Their descriptions and powers got more intense as time went on but that's only in the last couple of generations.  Particularly when it comes to legendaries, the most powerful Pokémon out there have the power to ruin every region.

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Soon to make a return for the new generations, Dialga was first introduced in Pokémon Diamond and is the main legendary for that game. Dialga has the power to control time which, unlike many Pokédex entries for legendaries, is stated to be fact and not rumor. In various entries in the games, it says it can not only time travel but control the flow of time itself. Putting it in the hands of a Trainer could have dire consequences as it would obey commands. Going back in time and changing history or seeing the future could have terrible consequences and mess up history, memories and the Pokémon universe as a whole. When around its counterpart, Palkia, it gets worse as the two are capable of creating dimensional rifts which could destroy the world or lead to other ones as has happened in the mangas and anime.


Dialga's counterpart and the star legendary of Pokémon Pearl, Palkia has the ability to control space -- and not just the cosmos. Palkia can travel dimensions and even open portals to them in the world at will. This is terrifying because a portal leading to another dimension could let in violent species or aliens and even a host of viruses or far-reaching parasites, devastating the world's ecosystem and putting everything in danger. In one instance, this power was used to create a portal that would absorb the world like a black hole. A Trainer being in charge of this Pokémon would be terrifying not just for those around them should something go wrong, but for the Trainer themselves should they decide to visit unknown dimensions.

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While not as powerful as many legendaries out there, Tyranitar is scary in its own right with its power to literally shape the earth. Many Pokédex entries simply say how powerful it is but there are a few stating that its footsteps alone are capable of causing earthquakes and that it can take down entire mountains just to make itself a nest. Others outright say it's capable of altering the shape of the land, making Tyranitar a destructive force of nature. What's scarier is that, unlike legendary Pokémon which there are only ever one of, there are multiple Tyranitar roaming the world. This means at any time, anywhere in the Pokémon world, the land can change and landslides and earthquakes can happen. Tyranitar is a force to be reckoned with and a dangerous Pokémon to wildly roam.


While Pokédex entries of Arceus all say its powers are rumors, Arceus is shown as being all-powerful in the game where it first debuted, as well as the anime, movies and mangas, which show Arceus having power over creation and destruction. This essentially makes this Pokémon a god, which is too much power for one creature to have especially since it has emotions and can get angry. In the anime, it actually tried to destroy the world because it was mad at people in a single town. It's also done benevolent stuff like saving the world, but the fact that it can swing either way is wild. A Trainer capturing a Pokémon with this power is even worse than Dialga or Palkia, since owning Arceus would essentially give the Trainer the power of a god.


Like Tyranitar, Dusclops' power isn't the most frightening thing about it, but the fact that there's more than one to be found in the wild. Several Pokédex entries say Dusclops' body is basically a black hole or leading to another dimension. When it opens its mouth, it can pull things in. In addition, looking into its eye will cause their spirit to be absorbed. If it has that kind of power, then it can affect anything around it, not just people. This power has never been shown in the anime or manga, possibly because it always had more of a minor role outside of a couple of episodes and one movie. But if it has the power of a black hole and there are several wandering around, it could cause some serious destruction.

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