The Power Rangers' Weirdest Weapon Isn't a Weapon at All

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Power Rangers #13, available now from Boom! Studios.

For nearly three decades now, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have stood as icons among the pantheon of pop culture heroes, due in no small part to their colorful nature and apparent inability to falter in the face of any threat. At least, that has been the case, until the Eltarian invasion of Earth, an event that has seen their homes and loved ones obliterated in an instant.

Of course, there is always something waiting to fall into the heroes' laps. This time around, that ethereal MacGuffin isn't so much a thing as it is a place, but that won't stop the Ranger from transforming the Master Arch into their greatest weapon yet.

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The Omega Rangers have traversed the cosmos in their blind quest for a means of defeating the Empyreal threat, bringing themselves to the feet of their last living god. Unfortunately, their latest enemies have proven to be more powerful than any that have come before, and with no effort at all, the final Emissary was slain. Zack, Trini, and Jason could only watch as the strange, alien world they had come to crumbled around them, with no hope of saving themselves from a grim fate.

Thankfully, these three Rangers aren't alone anymore, with the revelation that their feline companion Yale has become the new Blue Omega Ranger coming just in the nick of time to rescue them. Surviving their latest Empyreal encounter is impressive, but it doesn't help them stand a chance of fighting back. Although as Power Rangers #13 by Ryant Parrott, Francesco Mortarino, Raul Angulo, and Ed Dukeshire has just revealed, the secret to winning this fight might just lie in the Rangers' retreat, as their greatest weapon just so happens to also be exactly where the heroes have run to.

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Safe Haven, the unusually peaceful world which the Omega Rangers have come to call home, holds powerful secrets behind its lush jungles. The greatest of these is none other than the Master Arch, an ancient structure built by the Morphin Masters themselves. As a place, the Master arch is nothing particularly special to look at, resting beneath Eternity Point where the Emissaries left it buried in a bid to keep its power safe. The last time that the Master Arch was seen, Xi had opened it to supply the Rangers with the assistance they would need in their battle against Kiya and the Anointed.

As a bridge through space and reality, it was the means by which the Solar Rangers were called upon to defeat the Anointed. If it can again be used as a way of traversing time, it could be the only way left to bring the Empyreals to their knees. Assuming the Rangers and their allies really can step out of the Master Arch and end up in the past, they could very well stave off the Empyreal threat before it emerges. Then again, the consequences of such actions are impossible not to consider, even in the face of complete and total annihilation.

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For being such a powerful tool, it makes sense that the Master Arch was hidden away for so long. Had it ever fallen into the wrong hands, the Rangers would never have stood a chance against it. Now that they've got a chance to put it to use for themselves, saving the universe should be a breeze, so long as they can figure out precisely what it is they are supposed to be doing in the first place. With any luck, that will come long before the Empyreals discover Safe Haven for themselves.

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