The 5 Rarest PS2 Games

The PlayStation 2 is one of the best consoles of all time, and it remains the highest-selling console ever. Sony's powerhouse hardware has an extensive game library that includes some of the best games ever made. Due to the size of the PS2's library, certain titles fell through the cracks and became rare and expensive. Some of those games are now collector's items, fetching huge prices on the secondary market.

After the 2020 video game price spike, collectors looking for these games will have to pay a premium for complete (manual, original box) sets or even disc-only copies. Whether it had a low print run, flew under the radar or is part of a very in-demand genre like survival horror or RPG, these are the rarest, most valuable PS2 games and how much they're going for on the collector's market.

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5. .hack/Quarantine

In Japan, the .hack series has multiple games, anime, manga series and more. Despite its popularity overseas, it never caught on in the United States. .hack/Quarantine was released in 2003 and takes place in a world where a computer virus caused massive damage to every computer until an MMO called The World changed the fight. The game is an action-RPG that simulates an MMO like World of Warcraft. .hack/Quarantine was met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Some claimed that it wrapped up .hack nicely, though other thought it was an awkward end to the series.

That unique gameplay, plus a bonus DVD with an exclusive episode of .hack/Liminality, combine to make this game increasingly in-demand and rare. Complete in-box copies with the DVD and manual fetch between $275 and $350, while a disc-only copy goes for about $200-$220.

4. Haunting Ground

Survival horror games are among the hottest commodities in the secondary collecting market, and Haunting Ground is among the most sought after on the PS2. Haunting Ground is a Japanese-style horror game that borrows heavily from Clock Tower and Silent Hill. The gameplay is survival-horror at its most genuine. Players control a weaponless young girl with only a German Shepherd to protect her. There's a real sense of dread and terror with this title. It was critically panned and went quickly out of print, leading to massive demand down the line from collectors.

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Some of the best games on the PS2 are survival-horror games like Resident Evil 4, so those looking for a horror fix branched out into the rest of the library. This one routinely goes for $350+ for a complete copy, and the disc goes for between $225 and $250. The PAL and Japanese versions go for much less than the U.S. version.

3. Blood Will Tell

Blood Will Tell was developed by Sega and released in 2004 on the PlayStation 2. The game follows Hyakkimaru, a man who lost pieces of his body when they were stolen by thieves and received prosthetic replacements for most of his limbs. Players have to track down all the parts from the thieves. This story is based on the manga Dororo, and the game has RPG/action-adventure gameplay elements. Unfortunately, the low print-run and less-than-interested U.S. market didn't do the game any favors for sales.

Blood Will Tell remains a rare title that fans of the manga and collectors both want to own. Complete copies of this one go for between $350 and $400. Disc-only copies are harder to find, but these are around $200. However, Japanese copies are plentiful and only about $30 for a complete copy.

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2. Rule Of Rose

Another survival-horror game for the PlayStation 2, Rule of Rose was developed by Punchline and released in 2006. It takes place in 1930s England, where a girl finds herself in a terrifying alternate dimension run by creepy children. The developers drew inspiration from Grimm fairy tales and the Silent Hill series. However, unfounded complaints of sadomasochism, brutal violence toward children and more gave this one a bad reputation, and it was banned in the United Kingdom.

PAL copies are impossible to find because of the ban, which made U.S. copies even more in demand, as they're the only way to play Rule of Rose in English. The low print run and general demand for PS2 survival-horror games makes it among the rarest (and most sought-out) games on the system. In fact, Rule of Rose's value has nearly quadrupled in recent years. Complete copies of Rule of Rose sell for between $500 and $600, depending on the condition. Disc-only copies might be harder to find, but sell for $320-$350.

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1. Kuon

Kuon isn't just the rarest survival horror game for the PlayStation 2 -- it's the rarest in the entire library. Released in 2004, Kuon is based on a traditional Japanese storytelling style called Kaidan, and it's set in ancient Japan. It follows three characters across different timelines, with players surviving against a variety of monsters and demons. While it does have some redeeming qualities, like the sense of terror it provides and the setting, this one is relatively short and doesn't have much replay value.

Plenty of things have contributed to a price surge in recent years: Kuon was developed by Dark Souls creators FromSoftware, and it had an extremely limited release. Fans looking for complete collections of FromSoftware games have driven up the price. Getting this one complete will cost between $700 and $850 depending on the condition, while the disc-only copies are around $300-$350. Japanese copies of the game are much cheaper, falling in the $90-$100 range.

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