Andrew Garfield's Last Spider-Man Game is the Rarest Spider-Man Game To Date

Rare video games are often a huge deal to collectors, especially when they reach the point where it's no longer possible to find them on the market. They can even be a big deal to diehard fans of a certain series or game, though their actual quality is a different story. While some rare games are absolutely worth tracking down, others are best left as legends in the world of gaming and aren't worth how much they're usually being sold at.

One way that games can be considered rare is if they leave the market due to licensing disputes. When it comes to ownership and licensing, the Spider-Man franchise is probably one of the most recent and well-known examples. Sony already happens to have a few notable instances of rare games or hard-to-get consoles, but the constant rights negotiations between Disney and Sony resulted in a 2014 Spider-Man all but disappearing from the market. Today, secondary market prices for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 can be as high as $400.

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2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was developed by Beenox and is loosely based on the second film in the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man series. The previous game in The Amazing Spider-Man series was actually fairly well-received, with many reviews noting that the web-swinging felt like the classic PlayStation 2 Spider-Man games. The sequel game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, wasn't quite as well-received in the limited time the game was widely available.

The game was distributed by Activision, who had long held the publishing rights to any Spider-Man games. However, due to legal disputes between Sony and Disney in the wake of Spider-Man joining the MCU, Activision would lose ownership soon after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released. The change in publishing rights from Activision to Insomniac Games would lead to the game having very limited post-launch support.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was heavily criticized on release for a few significant reasons. While the previous Beenox Spider-Man game was praised for expanding the story of the film, the sequel tried to tell the film's story while expanding with its own original content and characters. The result was too many new story elements that made the plot hard to follow. There was also a myriad of technical issues that clouded the otherwise enjoyable web-swinging gameplay. Reviews pointed out that a lot seemed to be directly copy-and-pasted from the first Amazing Spider-Man game, giving everything from the open-world to the side missions a sense of staleness. In general, critics were disappointed in how little improvement they saw from one Spider-Man game to the next.

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However, there was some good to be found in the game. Some critics enjoyed the story despite its complexities, and almost every review found something to enjoy in the main missions. There's some fun to be found in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, especially for fans who wanted to see iconic Spider-Man villains in The Amazing Spider-Man universe. The villains in this game, including Shocker, Green Goblin, Carnage and Kingpin are all represented extraordinarily well, according to reviews.

If this game was still at retail price, it could be seen as a worthwhile buy for Spider-Man fans. However, licensing disputes that reduced the number of copies in circulation and digital versions have long since been pulled from marketplaces. It's hard to say if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is worth the $400 price tag it often goes for online. It really comes down to the kind of people who might be interested in finding a copy of this game. The unpolished nature impacts just how enjoyable it is, but this game is likely worth the price for collectors due to the unique history behind it. Not only is it the last Activision-released Spider-Man game but it's also the last Spider-Man game to date to be released on non-Sony consoles. Die-hard fans of the web-slinger himself might also enjoy how iconic characters from the comics are portrayed, though there are many other Spider-Man games out there that do the same thing for less money.

If it wasn't for the $400 asking price, this Spider-Man game would be a unique piece of history that exemplifies the licensing dispute enveloping the Spider-Man rights in recent years. The subpar story and unpolished nature of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 make it hard to say that it's worth tracking down. This rare game is really just one for the collectors; for die-hard Spider-Man fans, there are plenty of other games.

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