Realist Hero: Everything to Remember Before Season 2

With the ever-growing and popular isekai genre only getting bigger, more and more titles continue to be announced, and How a Realist Rebuilt the Kingdom is among those to be renewed for a second season. So what makes this isekai anime stand out from the rest? Protagonist Souma Kazuya uses his wits rather than strength to make his newly acquired kingdom, Elfrieden, the most powerful in the continent of Landia.

Instead of fighting monsters, Souma has extraordinary diplomatic powers from his time as a Humanities major in college back in his original world. Will he continue to grow and become a better leader in Season 2? Here are the most important events to remember from Season 1 before diving into the newly streaming episodes on Funimation.

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After being summoned by grand wizards as a last resort to save Elfrieden, Souma proves his wits by going against imperial demands and sorting through the kingdom's finances in order to rebuild it from within. He ends up selling useless heirlooms from the palace in order to acquire funds. Seeing his potential, the King Albert Elfrieden eagerly gives Souma the throne and offers his daughter Liscia as his bride-to-be. Stunned, he takes the throne and ensures he will save the kingdom, intending to give it to Liscia once he is finished rebuilding and insisting that they do not need to marry.

To rebuild the kingdom from the ground up, Souma uses the Gemstone Broadcast system to reach out to individuals who may have skills that will serve the country. Aisha, a dark elf who is skilled in the fighting arts, begs Souma to help with the dying trees in the God-Protected Forest. When he shares his knowledge of thinning trees to allow younger ones to grow, she pledges her life to him and agrees to join his council.

Second to arrive is Juna Doma, a beautiful songstress who can learn any tune after one listen. After singing a song from Souma's world -- which is in a different language from the language spoken at Elfrieden -- she joins the council eagerly wanting to learn more music from Souma's home world.

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The third and most valuable addition is Poncho Panacotta, a glutton who is often made fun of. Since Realist Hero's kingdom is facing a food shortage, Souma realizes Poncho's knowledge of food could save it from experiencing a devastating famine. After realizing how clever Souma was for recognizing Poncho's talent, Hakuya Kwonmin, a studious intellect, vows to help underpin Souma's rule in any way he can, and Souma makes him his right-hand man.

Lastly, young Tomoe Inui of the mystic wolf race reveals she can communicate with animals and demons, a talent that is extremely valuable and unheard of -- even in this world. With her ability, Souma could possibly bring a diplomatic end to the Demon War since previously it was known that no one can understand Demons. With the entire royal court assembled, the first step Souma takes is to utilize Poncho's skill and provide innovative new dishes using the resources around them to ensure the kingdom does not go hungry.

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After improving on the food problem, Souma sets off with adventurers to build a new port city and a network of roads. He runs into residents who are unhappy with these changes, and his progress is halted when Aisha's village is hit by landslides -- presumably caused by Souma's earlier suggestion of thinning the forest. Souma feels tremendous guilt about this situation and starts to question his abilities as king.

A rebellion forms, led by the ruler of the neighboring nation Gaius Amidonia, and Souma is forced into battle. After a fierce fight, Gaius is eventually defeated and Souma takes over Amidonia. Season 1 of Realist Hero ends with Poncho finding a source of food for the people of Amidonia and Souma making plans to incorporate the newly conquered nation into his rebuild.

What's next for Souma and the people of Amidonia? Will he move past his mistakes to become a great ruler or will his insecurities become too much to handle? Fans will find out as Season 2 progresses.

New epsiodes of How a Realist Rebuilt the Kingdom are airing every Sunday on Funimation.

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