Resident Alien: 5 Mysteries Season 2 Needs to Solve

Season 1 of Resident Alien certainly had its clever twists and turns as an alien (played by Alan Tudyk) imitated a doctor in Colorado by the name of Harry. It killed him and began duping the town to find pieces of a doomsday device needed to destroy humanity as punishment for its wicked ways. However, as the show progressed, 'Harry' fell in love with the snowy town of Patience, but in the process, his journey left some dire mysteries the upcoming second season needs to solve.

Why Did Harry Kill Sam?

The town's initial doctor, Sam, died as the series started, which is why Harry came in from New York. Sadly, the alien would kill Harry and take his skin, leaving everyone trying to guess what happened to Sam. It turns out he was poisoned, with the finale confirming the human Harry did it before he too died. The why was never addressed but clearly, human Harry had a dark side that has to be addressed as he never came off like a killer in the few flashbacks.

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Why Did General McAllister Turn Evil?

Linda Hamilton's McAllister was the main villain, using military agents such as David and Lisa, to hunt the alien down. Shockingly, it was a rogue Men in Black-like squad she kept secret from the government, tied to flashbacks that showed her taking pics of a ship when she was a kid, with her dad being part of the UFO encounter as well. This left fans wondering if he ended up dying because of the incident as we have no clue why she's so aggressive and working off the books. To go from a sweet girl to this treasonous monster, there has to be a reason.

Does Ben Still Love D'Arcy?

Ben, Patience's mayor, had a tumultuous past with D'Arcy, the town screw-up, which he kept from his wife, Kate. It created comedic tension as Ben and Kate had marital problems of their own, leading to D'Arcy and Ben kissing again. However, Ben shooed her off as he was loyal to Kate, going on to rekindle their flame. But fans are eager to find out if he still loves D'Arcy because his bond with Kate seems to be only physical and lust-filled, while D'Arcy truly cared for his past and overall identity.

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Why Does Max See 'Harry'?

Max is Ben and Kate's kid, and shockingly, he was able to see through Harry's shape-shifting disguise. The alien admitted Max might be more in tune with inter-dimensional particles, ergo why he could spot the alien and its tech. But the logic was never confirmed, leaving fans curious why Max has this ability. Many are wondering if he was part of an alien experiment as the beings did visit and leave tech in people in the past, making Max a mystery that needs unpacking ASAP.

Where Are The Other Aliens?

The alien was coy about his people and homeworld, which left fans eager to find out where they are in the galaxy and if they'll be visiting. It's hinted they had other agents out in the cosmos, not to mention the alien mentioned other species that visited Earth existed on other worlds. Fans would like to know where all these planets are, if these solar systems still have beef with Earth, and if more aliens are on the planet, which was hinted at in a convention 'Harry' attended.

Resident Alien is based on the Dark Horse comic by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. Season 2 premieres Jan. 26 on Syfy.

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