Saved by the Bell's Lisa, Kelly and Jessie Reunite in BTS Season 2 Photo

The ladies of Bayside High School held their own reunion as the Peacock revival of Saved by the Bell gears up for Season 2.

Elizabeth Berkley posted a photo on Instagram on Wednesday, featuring herself posing with co-stars Tiffani Thiessen and Lark Voorhies, who played Kelly Kapowski and Lisa Turtle in the original.

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Berkley captioned the image, "These ladies… what a gift to get to work together again. We have a special history that is beyond… we worked hard together as kids to make a show that people still love, we did high school together and our parents all looked out for us too as we were minors when we started. It was a safe place to grow up and now we get to take those sweet roots and fly together as women."

"Don’t you love those connections that have history where you just get right to it with no explaining?" she continued. "It’s so comforting and we can’t wait to share some magic with you when season 2 comes out!"

Berkley reprises her role from the original 1989-1993 series as Jessie Spano, now a best-selling author of parenting books who has returned to Bayside as a counselor. Thiessen guest starred in Season 1 of the revival, with her character Kelly Kapowski having become first lady of the state of California. Voorhies did a cameo in one Season 1 episode, revealing Lisa Turtle has become a fashion industry success.

Saved by the Bell stars Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez, along with other stars new and returning. The series is now available on Peacock, and has been renewed for Season 2.

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Source: Instagram

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