Every Character (and Actor) Returning in Scream 2022

Like any slasher franchise, it's best not to get attached to most of the characters in Scream. While it doesn't have the highest body count in the genre, it wouldn't be a slasher if multiple characters weren't victims of the various characters wearing the Ghostface mask.

A small handful of actors from the previous movies will reprise their roles in the upcoming fifth Scream installment. Three of them are the characters the franchise revolves around, one is a newcomer, and the fourth is a franchise constant, even though fans have never seen his face.

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Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Over the course of four movies, Neve Campbell established Sidney as one of the best final girls in horror history. Sidney initially overcame her boyfriend Billy Loomis' murderous but flawed plan in Scream. She tried to put that trauma behind her when she went to college, but Billy's vengeful mother had other plans in Scream 2.

By Scream 3, Sidney lived in isolation in response and worked as a crisis counselor. She was drawn back into society when the latest Ghostface discovered her location. The new Ghostface would reveal himself as Sidney's half-brother Roman Bridger, who set the events of the franchise in motion when he influenced Billy's murder spree. In Scream 4, Sidney had to deal with another murderous family member under the Ghostface mask. Her cousin Jill Roberts' murder spree was an unsuccessful attempt to become a new celebrity final girl.

Courtney Cox as Gale Riley

Gale was introduced as a thorn in Sidney's side. A tabloid reporter covering Casey Becker's brutal murder, Gale's lack of journalistic ethics caused Sidney to punch her in the face. They would become unlikely allies when they were forced to fight for their lives against Billy and his friend Stu Macher in Scream's final act. While Gale isn't a traditional final girl, she's every bit the survivor Sidney is.

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When a new killer targeted Sidney in Scream 2, Gale arrived to cover the story. Her attempt to confront Sidney with the man falsely accused of murdering her mother, Cotton Weary, led to another punch. Gale's flirtation with Officer Dewey Riley would become a full-fledged relationship when she chose to comfort him over-reporting on the murders. Dewey proposed to Gale at the end of Scream 3, and they returned to Woodsboro as a married couple in Scream 4.

David Arquette as Dewey Riley

For a character that wasn't supposed to survive the first Scream movie, Dewey has proven resilient. Arquette's performance was so endearing that a scene was filmed of a seriously injured Dewey being loaded into an ambulance, which wound up making the final cut.

Dewey survived a brutal attack from another Ghostface in Scream 2, which caused Gale to choose him over her career. Scream 3 gave Dewey his first chance to truly play the hero, as he ended Roman Bridger's murder spree by shooting him in the head. By Scream 4, Dewey had married Gale and become Woodsboro's Sherrif, giving him an impressive character arc for someone who narrowly avoided death in his first appearance.

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Marley Shelton as Judy Hicks

The only character aside from the core trio to survive a Scream movie, Judy Hicks made her debut in Scream 4. One of Sherrif Dewey's deputies, Judy thinks the world of her boss but isn't fond of his wife. She winds up coming through for Gale in the movie's climax, pushing her out of the way when Jill tried to shoot her. Like her hero Dewey, Judy's death is teased. Jill shoots her in the chest, but Judy had the presence of mind to wear a bulletproof vest. Her survival seems to genuinely surprise Gale, who's not used to anyone but the iconic trio surviving an encounter with Ghostface.

Roger L. Jackson as Ghostface's voice

There's another actor who has appeared in every Scream movie, but most wouldn't recognize him. Jackson has provided Ghostface's voice in every Scream movie, as well as the third season of the television series. The rest of the Scream cast never saw Jackson either. He was hidden from the cast by director Wes Craven to get authentic reactions out of his castmates. Given how iconic the conversation between Jackson's Ghostface and Drew Barrymore's Casey Becker has become, it turned out to be a great idea.

Aside from the mask, Jackson's voice is the only constant for the character. Jackson has remained Ghostface's voice even though there's a new killer in every movie, and two of them have been women. No matter who winds up being the killer this time around, Jackson will be there to taunt their victims.

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