A Scream 2022 Theory Resurrects Jill Roberts as the Ghostface Killer

Part of what makes the Scream franchise such a hit among horror fans is its meta-narrative. Since the first film, the series has made its mark by taking genre tropes and exploiting them before totally subverting expectations. Asa result, Scream is one of the most unique entries in the slasher genre. With 2022's Scream hitting theaters, the slasher/mystery fans are already building speculation over who the new Ghostface could be that reels in Sidney Prescott and her allies. Although many potential names exist, one unlikely but possible inclusion is Sidney's cousin, Jill Roberts.

Jill is introduced in Scream 4 and is one of the many victims of the Ghostface killer. However, thanks to Sidney, she never meets her end at the hands of the killer. She's also an avid fan of horror films and knows all about Sidney's story from the first three movies. But by the conclusion, it's revealed that Jill was actually the orchestrator of the killings the whole time. She planned to be as famous as Sidney by staging the kills, taping them and framing an innocent. But her cockiness eventually led to her end as Sidney knew all of the horror movie tropes and was able to kill her by shooting her in the chest before she could rise for one last scare.

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Although Jill's death is straightforward in the film, there's just enough room for ambiguity that she could survive. For example, as she tries to kill Sidney while she's recovering in the hospital, she's distracted by the police and Gale Weathers. In that time, Sidney is able to take two defibrillator pads to her head and then shoot her in the chest after the pads fail to kill her. So even though her demise is all but obvious, she's still in a hospital and could potentially be nursed back to health, provided her brain still functions properly after the electricity.

Scream 4's conclusion also sees the news reporters calling Jill "The Last Survivor," although it's ironic in the context of Scream 4, the definition could take on a new meaning by saying she is still alive. If she returns in Scream (2022), she'd have a solid motivation to want revenge against her cousin. Considering the two were never close, there's also no chance that she'd feel any remorse. But perhaps the most interesting factor in her possible return lies in horror films as a whole.

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Jill, by all accounts, shouldn't be able to survive. But these things happen in horror films all the time. Her vengeful return would only add to the fact that classic villains always surprise the protagonist by returning after a seemingly definitive death. Considering Jill is such a fan of horror movies as well, it's in character for her to bide her time if it means making a grand return.

The true identity of Ghostface in Scream (2022) is still unknown until its release, but until the time comes and a face is revealed, speculation will continue to fly. It may seem like a longshot that Jill Roberts could survive a fate like the one she had in Scream 4. However, in a series that is known for last-minute surprises and outrageous explanations, her return feels like a logical step that the series could take.

To discover the new Ghostface killer's identity, Scream hits theaters Jan. 14. 

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