Scream Theory Turns Stu Into Billy's Brother

In 1996's Scream, director Wes Craven revamped the slasher artform by telling the story of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and a slew of teens being maimed to death by Ghostface in Woodsboro. What really stood out in this first film was how it poked fun at tropes in the genre while modernizing them for a new generation of horror fans. One intriguing aspect of the finale, though, came with Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) revealing he had no motive for being a killer. Still, that may not have been true.

In Scream's final act, Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) was revealed as the Ghostface mastermind, using Stu as his accomplice so they could ruin Sid's life. Billy hated how Sid's mom, Maureen, slept around, eventually getting his dad, Hank, to cheat on his own mother. This bombshell caused Billy's mom, Debbie, to leave, destroying his life. Billy would then work with Stu to gut Maureen and, a year later, try to kill Sid after a bloodbath around town -- all to pin the killings on Sid's dad, Neil, and wreck their reputation.

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But in the fracas, Stu revealed he didn't have a motive, which was foreshadowed when Randy told him in the video store that "It's the millennium; motives are incidental." This lent to an aloof Stu merely enjoying the thrill of the hunt as he and Billy would be painted as survivors of the massacre, stabbing each other to help frame Neil as a killer that took his own life afterward.

However, given Hank's sinister nature as a lawyer who loved infidelity, it could be that he slept with Stu's mom, too, making Stu Billy's brother. Roman (Sid's half-brother) in Scream 3 filmed Maureen and Hank's affair. After showing Billy, it pushed Billy to seek revenge with Stu. But Billy could have dug deeper and unearthed evidence prior to the alliance that Hank cheated with Stu's mom too, which would be an apt reason for Stu to be a silent partner.

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This would explain Billy and Stu's inexplicable, loyal bond to each other. After all, why would Stu risk his mental and physical health to manipulate a killing spree at his parents' home? It'd be the ultimate "middle finger" to them. In addition, that would provide a rationale as to why he'd want Sid, someone he had a crush on, dead and was even willing to kill his girlfriend, Tatum, to keep the charade going.

This speculation would also fit the nuanced revelations later on in the Scream franchise when other family members, such as Debbie and Roman, ended up becoming Ghostface killers. Getting Stu to keep this to himself would also reframe Stu as someone who was a lot more cerebral than most fans first thought, whilst giving him that sense of family he was robbed of thanks to Maureen and Hank's indiscretion.

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