Scream's Most Sympathetic Victim Wasn't Sidney Prescott or Anyone She Knew

In the Scream franchise, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) has been put through the wringer in the four movies thus far. To make it worse, as the Ghostface mask got passed down, many people she knew, even if they weren't inside her inner-circle, fell prey to the various killers and their bloody shenanigans. However, upon revisiting the first film in 1996 from director Wes Craven, the most sympathetic victim wasn't any of these people.

It's actually the cameraman, Kenny, who worked for Gale Weathers as she tried to boost her media stock and have her career take off. Throughout the film, Kenny was verbally abused by Gale, berated about his weight and bullied for being too slow in the field. It was traumatic as it showed how cutthroat journalists could be to get their scoop, which is why Sid had no problem punching Gale for exploiting Woodsboro's dark history.

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That felt like karma for Kenny as he secretly hated how Gale mistreated him, all as he tried his best to meet her unreasonable demands of, admittedly, a high-intensity job. Sadly, Kenny got repaid with a brutal death when Stu threw his party and Ghostface began haunting the house. Ghostface chased after Sid, which resulted in her meeting Kenny outside his van. He saw the footage of Ghostface going after Randy inside the home, but when he realized there was a 30-second delay, a stunned Kenny got his throat slit as he turned to see what was really happening in the living room.

As he bled out, Kenny then pointed to the secret exit in the "Top Story" van, gurgling the word "door" so Sid would know to escape. It led to her slamming the door as Kenny fell, then trying to lock it and crawl out through the secret hole in the vehicle.

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Kenny died a hero because, without his final testament, Sid would have been gutted. She already got stabbed in the melee but Kenny's selfless attitude and overall awareness helped the franchise's hero get away to keep fighting the villains.

What made his death even worse was when Gale came to the van, only just figuring out about the new massacre going on. She tried to start it but blood began leaking down on the windshield, confirming the killer placed Kenny atop. As Gale freaked out, she screamed for Kenny to get off the roof in an expletive-laced scene.

She then began driving off, taking sharp turns to throw Kenny's body off the roof, through a fence and into the dirt. The movie never came back to his desecrated body after she sped off, with Gale using a new crew in the final moments after they killed Stu and Billy to report how the guys were the real murderers. Don't get us wrong, Sid suffered terribly but a lot of it was due to Maureen (her mom) and dark family secrets. But by making the innocent Kenny such a throwaway character -- literally -- it felt ungrateful yet symptomatic of insensitive media personnel like Gale and how people doing their jobs end up as collateral damage.

Scream comes to theaters on Jan. 14, 2022.

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