Sergio Aragones' Groo the Wanderer Lands Animated Adaptation

It has been announced that cartoonist Sergio Aragonés has sold the animation rights to the ongoing comic series Groo the Wanderer to Did I Err Productions, owned by entrepreneur Josh Jones.

Aragonés explained, "After drawing and living with Groo for so many years, so many comics, so many pages, you can imagine I have drawn Groo in every position imaginable." He added, "We studied what we have seen on the screen by different animators and laughed plenty. Now, I know that we are going in the right direction and I can assure the fans that they will love Groo the way Mark and I do."

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Currently published by Dark Horse Comics, Groo the Wanderer is the longest-running independent and creator-owned comic book property and has been creator-owned for 40 years. The comic has remained popular and has even won an Eisner Award.

Groo the Wanderer follows the exploits of the titular barbarian warrior, who is a formidable fighter, but not the brightest. He travels an ancient and mysterious land with his canine companion Rufferto, looking only for a warm place to sleep, a few coins or cheese dip. Speaking on bringing the character to the screen, Jones said, "I've loved Groo the Wanderer since I was eight years old, and to have the honor of bringing the character to on-screen life is, quite literally, a lifelong dream come true."

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