Supernatural's Most Overused Villain Trope Lives on in We Have Demons

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for We Have Demons #2, on sale now from Best Jackett Press on comiXology.

The comiXology Originals series We Have Demons has a lot in common with the CW's Supernatural. Just as the show had the Winchesters hunting creatures of the night, this book focuses on Lam, a young girl, inheriting her dad's mantle as a demon hunter. As she's being trained to carry on her family legacy, We Have Demons #2 has her find a network similar to what Sam and Dean used and sets up a plot that mirrors Supernatural's biggest recurring issue.

In this issue, by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, Dave McCaig and Tom Napolitano, Lam meets Gus, her dad's ex-partner who is essentially a supernatural Hulk. In this universe, when creation occurred, two substances got shot to earth: Halo, which can be used to harness the light, and Horn, dark anti-matter which turns folks into demons -- a duality akin to DC's Dark Nights: Death Metal.

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Gus got infected with the latter but Cashel, Lam's dad, saved him by putting a piece of Halo in a headpiece on him, allowing him to fight evil too. Since then, Cashel has grown his network, but the years have decimated it. Cashel eventually hunkering down as a pastor to protect his daughter after the mom, Katherine, died. Lam also lost her arm when she tried to mess with Gus' Halo as a kid, but now Gus is training her to use her robotic arm after Cashel was killed in the first issue.

The arm has a Halo blade in it, a reference to the name Cashel gave the group, the Blades. As Gus and his allies train Lam on a mission, it's reminiscent of the Winchesters and their fellow hunters slaughtering monsters such as werewolves, vampires and other assorted creatures of the night.

The heroes of We Have Demons make a big mistake later on as the crew gets back to Lam's cabin after an assault on a plane. They destroyed the demons that killed Cashel but are now trying to figure out if they've got a demon-possessed spy in their camp. Sadly, as this happens, Cashel's corpse rises from his coffin and attacks them. He's ready to inflect hell on Gus and Lam in a move that played out on Supernatural many times.

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In Supernatural, John was possessed by Azazel, with Sam and Dean between having to kill their dad or find some way of saving his soul. It's also similar to when Alastair also used John as a puppet, dangling him for the boys to chase in subsequent seasons. But by dragging on John's fate repeatedly, this plot point became a predictable, aspect of the show that overstayed its welcome.

While We Have Demons is just getting going, the same idea feels rushed here, playing on an emotional connection between Lam and her father that hasn't been fully fleshed out yet. Even with Gus in the mid, this point feels rushed and inadvertently rehashes an idea that Supernatural and many stories like it have worn into the ground.

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