Why Sonic's 'Super Saiyan' Form is More Powerful Than Superman

DC Comics' Superman is one of fiction's most powerful characters. By absorbing the sun's rays, the character is capable of incredible feats from heat vision to the ability to bench the weight of the Earth. Coupled with the ability to fly and run at blinding speeds, the character is the standard for power and strength amongst his contemporaries. That being said, there is one video game character who may be even more powerful than the Man of Steel.

Sonic the Hedgehog, at his base, is capable of running at equally fast speeds to Superman. His speed also grants him immense strength to help defeat enemies of all shapes and sizes. However, when Sonic's abilities aren't enough, he has the ability to upgrade his powers to become Super Sonic. With this power-up, the character becomes even more powerful than Superman.

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Who Is Super Sonic, Why Does He Turn Gold and What Are His Superpowers?


Sonic's 'Super Sonic' form is born from the Chaos Emeralds. Like Infinity Stones, these emeralds have existed for centuries and contain immense power. Their energy is often used for destructive means and is responsive to thought. Positive thought yields positive energy while negative creates darker chaos energy. When used together, the emeralds can ascend a person to a super state.

When in this state, the emeralds boost Sonic's abilities and grant him the power of flight. The emeralds also serve as an endless energy source, the radiant energy of which blows Sonic's quills upward and then them into a shining gold color. When using these abilities, Sonic is at his most powerful and can take on the likes of robots, monsters and deities. Sonic can also access a weapon called "Chaos Control," which allows the emeralds to warp space and time to his will. Ultimately, Super Sonic is a form that turns the Blue Blur into a god-like being with physical and mystical enhancements that make him untouchable.

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Why Super Sonic's Golden Form Makes Him Stronger Than Any Saiyan


Visually, Super Sonic is often compared to Super Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z. However, when analyzing how their powers compare, Super Sonic is far more powerful than the Saiyans. The Super Saiyan form is unlocked when Saiyans unlock their hidden potential, often through moments of great emotional stress. Once activated, Saiyans experience an uptick in their strength, speed, agility and energy manipulation.

Compared to Super Sonic, these enhancements are only moderately greater to Sonic being boosted to God-like levels. Sonic's base speed is also closer to a Super Saiyan than a regular Saiyan. As a result, his super speeds approach the speed of light. But what makes Super Sonic more powerful than a Super Saiyan is how the hero can use emeralds to warp reality, manipulating energy in a way Saiyan's never could.

Super Sonic Vs. Superman: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?


Superman's feats of strength can't go unnoticed. In his decades of publication and appearances in other forms of media, the character has achieved the impossible. From carrying the weight of the world to going toe to toe with the likes of Darkseid, the character is a sight to behold.

However, in a battle against Super Sonic, the scale tips towards the Hedgehog. As Super Sonic, the character has faced down forces of nature like Dark Gaia and Gods like Solaris without breaking a sweat. That being said, his form is limited until his power runs out. But with the speed of the Flash and even greater strength than Superman, Sonic has more than enough time to assess Superman and defeat him before Clark can throw the first punch.

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