Sonic the Hedgehog Is Still Facing the Deadly Consequences of the Metal Virus

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog #45, on sale now from IDW.

Having just dealt with the latest evil threat in the form of the Deadly Six, Sonic and friends have earned a much-needed break. While Tails and Sonic lounge about at home playing the latest video game, Amy Rose has assembled Tangle, Belle and Jewel for a camping trip. Although all four are in serious need of a distraction from all their troubles, they can't escape the worst of their heroic lives completely.

That's what they discover when they're informed of some new camping rules in Sonic the Hedgehog #45 by Evan Stanley, Matt Froese, Reggie Graham and Shawn Lee. It turns out this year there are stricter rules on campfires in their busy campsite. They're only allowed in designated areas and campers have to make sure any fire is completely doused before leaving, amongst other things. These extra precautions are because of a greater risk of wildfires. However, whilst in our world wildfires are now more likely because of global warming, in Sonic's world, they're more likely thanks to the Metal Virus.

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As Amy and co. learn from the guy in charge of the campsite, the Metal Virus infected the entire region around their vacation spot. During the time of year when the plants would usually have gotten water, they were turned to metal by the Metal Virus, and therefore didn't need it. However, after they were cleansed of the deadly infection, they needed the water that had passed them by earlier more than ever and now they're bone dry. This, of course, means that there's a far greater risk of them catching fire.

The Metal Virus was one of the most devastating events in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog run. When Dr. Eggman's memory was restored after his time as the friendly Mr. Tinker, he decided to make up for all his generous inventions with one of his most malicious creations. He concocted the Metal Virus to target organic matter and convert it to metal, creating robotic organisms that he could control, called Zombots.

Acting essentially like a zombie outbreak, the Zombots initially were loyal to Eggman, however, the virus evolved to a point where the infection's effects couldn't be so easily controlled. It spread throughout the entire world, claiming many of Sonic's friends and almost completely taking Sonic himself in the end. If it wasn't for the efforts of Super Sonic and Super Silver, the Metal Virus would have transformed the entire world into living metal.

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Even though every trace of the Metal Virus was flung into the sun, the aftermath of the horrifying infection is still there in subtle ways - like with the increased chance of wildfires. One small mistake could lead to disaster, which is exactly what happens in this issue. When Belle goes for a midnight stroll, all she has to light her way is a small lighter in her finger. When she's attacked by a lone badnik, the friendly robot is knocked unconscious but her lighter is still lit. Not long after, the others leave their tent and notice that this small flame has already spread into a raging wildfire.

This time around, there isn't any villain actively trying to burn down the forest, it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. This wildfire proves that the Metal Virus is still a threat to Sonic's world even though it's been wiped out for good. Who knows what else its once-formidable grip on the world has led to? It's unlikely that this is the sole consequence of Eggman's most evil machinations.

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