Did Doctor Octopus Influence Miles Morales New Suit?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is still some time away from hitting shelves, but the reveal trailer released in September is still offering some details as to what has transpired since the original game's events. While Miles' transition from student to full-fledged hero was documented in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, there is still a window of time following that game's conclusion where anything could have happened. For example, in the trailer, Miles appears wearing his classic red and black outfit but with an upgrade that may trace back to Peter's deadliest enemy.

During the events of the first game, Peter's suit is badly damaged. As a result of the extensive tears and damage to the interface, Peter gets a brand new suit known as the Advanced Suit. Not only is the suit lighter, but it's also more durable and offers an added layer of protection for the hero. However, the person that helped bring that suit to life was Otto Octavius, Peter's mentor, and eventual nemesis, Doc Ock.

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In the first game, Doc Ock and Miles never have a moment of interaction or shared dialogue. Miles doesn't even reveal his abilities to Peter until the game's credits. But as he gets more skilled in his vigilante activities and Peter understands how Mile's powers operate, Peter likely wants to lend a hand in making sure he's as safe as possible. In this case, by creating the thicker band of red seen on Miles' arms during the reveal trailer.

Peter wasn't present when Miles upgraded his suit since he was on assignment in Symkaria. That being said, Miles did an impressive job in creating an intuitive and protective suit. But when Octavius gave Peter the added layer of white on his chest, back and limbs, it also gave him more protection from gunfire and blunt objects. Knowing that Peter has the power to offer similar protection, it makes sense that he would make it his responsibility to outfit Miles with an equally protected suit.

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Since Miles uses venom blasts that fire from his arms, they are potentially the most critical parts of his body. Therefore, adding more armor to his arms that even Peter has worked because Miles has an even lower chance of risking serious injury to them. Symbolically, Miles' upgrade also celebrates the legacy Peter's mentor left behind as Otto Octavius rather than the cold and deadly Doc Ock.

While there's no timeframe given for how long both heroes have been working as a team, the trailer shows that they operate like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, bringing Miles' suit to Peter's level is necessary as the bad guys get tougher. Now, Peter gets to keep his friend safe for himself and Miles' mom. Also, by using the exact science Octavius introduced for Peter, Miles proves every day that even science from someone as villainous as Doc Ock can protect instead of destroy.

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