How Peter Parker Became Loki's Favorite Marvel Hero

Loki's place as one of the foundational villains in the Marvel Universe has been tweaked somewhat over the years, especially recently as he's tried to become a more heroic figure to escape his apparent curse to be a villain above all else. But even before then, there was one hero that the God of Mischief had developed a somewhat friendly relationship with.

Across a handful of appearances together over the years, Spider-Man developed a surprisingly good relationship with Loki, the Asgardian God of Mischief.

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Spider-Man and Loki developed a fondness for one another in the aftermath of the massive Amazing Spider-Man #500. In Amazing Spider-Man #503 by J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr, the fallout of a battle between Doctor Strange and Dormammu manifested itself in the return of the mystical magic user, Morwen. Arriving back on Earth, she quickly possessed a woman named Tess. Her return alerted many magic users across the Marvel Universe, including Loki -- who decided to investigate the crisis himself. Arriving on Midgard, he discovered that Spider-Man had already encountered Morwen -- and that it was due in part to his intervention in Strange's recent battle that Morwen had been released in the first place.

Although they initially came to blows, Loki surprisingly opened up to Spider-Man during their search for Morwen -- with the Wall-Crawler even learning that Tess was actually one of Loki's human-born children. Loki takes a liking to Spider-Man during their conversation and even offers his help capturing Tess. As they wait, the pair take a moment to share hot dogs atop a New York rooftop and speak more about their views on the world and everything in it. It's a surprisingly candid conversation for both characters and gives them to chance to bond slightly before they come up against Morwen. In the battle, Spider-Man's intervention ends up allowing him to help defeat the sorceress and entrap her again -- all while keeping Tess alive.

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In gratitude, Loki granted Spider-Man a favor to be called upon at some point in the future. The deal was finally paid off in Amazing Spider-Man #795 by Dan Slott and Christos Gage, when Loki -- briefly serving as the Sorceror Supreme -- was able to restore the life of a civilian killed in a new battle at the request of Spider-Man. As Spider-Man left, Loki noted with some regard that Spider-Man may be a strange fellow, but with a level of affection that he doesn't typically have for the other heroes of the Marvel Universe.

It quietly makes a lot of sense why Loki would see something of a kindred spirit in Spider-Man. Both of them are talkative to a fault, and the world often assumes the worst of them. Unlike Loki, Spider-Man was always able to resist the temptation to lash out at the world that so often turned its back on him. Morwen even eventually revealed that like Loki, Spider-Man was something of a cosmic "force of chaos," which is as good of a description as any for all the conflicts and world-threatening escapades Spider-Man has gotten himself involved with over the years. There's an inherent bond between the pair as tricksters, with Loki's recent developments to become a more heroic figure giving him far more in common with the Wall-Crawler. It all comes together well to justify why Loki might consider Spidey his favorite hero.

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