One of Spider-Man's Scariest Villains Is Downright Horrifying in Wastelands: Black Widow

A Spider-Man villain gets a horrifying makeover in Wastelanders: Black Widow.

The book is the latest Wastelanders one-shot set within the universe of Earth-807128, home to the iconic "Old Man Logan" arc from Wolverine. On this world, Earth's mightiest heroes were wiped out after every villain teamed up and worked together to eradicate the champions, including Black Widow. However, a preview for the one-shot reveals that another Black Widow is still active, and she has her sites set on the Lizard, who has assumed a terrifyingly regal mantle as the "Lizard King."

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Though this is the first time the Lizard King (no, not Robert California from The Office) has been seen, readers have known of his existence since the very first issue of "Old Man Logan," specifically Wolverine #66. A map of the Wastelands tracked Logan and Hawkeye Clint Barton's journey in the series, showing that the reptilian villain had set up shop in Florida, which is where the preview is set. This Lizard is nothing like the one recently seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home though, being that he is bigger and sits on a throne of human bones, as opposed to the scientist who tried to turn all of New York City's citizens into lizards.

However, the Lizard isn't the only different iteration of a Marvel character seen here, being that Black Widow Natasha Romanoff was revealed to have been killed by Baron Helmut Zemo during the events of Old Man Hawkeye. The issue's solicitations claim this to be the first appearance of the Black Widow in the Old Man Universe, with a likely candidate being Yelena Belova. The Widow's inner monologue hints at the loss of Natatsha, with Yelena pursuing a similar vendetta in the Hawkeye television series on Disney+.

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If the Old Widow is indeed Yelena, it marks the appearance of another legacy character in the Old Man Universe. Old Man Hawkeye featured an aged version of Hawkeye Kate Bishop, who coincidentally shared the screen with Yelena in Hawkeye, played by actors Hailee Steinfeld and Florence Pugh, respectively. The full preview and solicitation for Wastelanders: Black Widow #1 can be found below.


Wastelanders: Black Widow #1 is written by Steven S. DeKnight with art by Well-Bee, colors by Mattia Iacono and letters by VC's Cory Petit. Main cover art was done by Josemaria Casanovas, with a connecting variant made by Steve McNiven. The issue goes on sale Jan. 12 from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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