Spider-Man Concept Art Details the Queen Goblin's Abilites, Tech

The next major Amazing Spider-Man villain has a high-tech loadout that might make her more powerful than the new Spider-Man himself.

In February, the web-head will face off against the deadly threat of the Queen Goblin. After crossing paths with the U-Foes, Kraven the Hunter and the tragic vampire Morbius, the arrival of an all-new Goblin presents the hero with his greatest challenge to date. The character will make her debut in Amazing Spider-Man #88 and when she does, she'll arrive with some dangerous tricks up her sleeve.

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Designed by Marvel Stormbreaker Patrick Gleason, a look at the Queen Goblin's loadout offers up some interesting information about the character. Just like Spider-Man's recent upgrades, her gear calls back to the legacy of her namesake, with some remarkable improvements. In addition to the familiar Goblin Glider used by her predecessors, the Queen Goblin will be outfitted with a Pumpkin Scepter, which can retract at her command to become a three-section staff. Speaking about the look, Gleason said, "We went New-Medieval with some tweaks on the old Goblin toys. What's even more fun is letting her off the chain and watching the rest of the art team like Arthur Adams run with her. The writing team has been working like crazy to make her debut worthy of a Queen. I'm writing a scene now that will hopefully melt some brains too."

Starting with the arrival of Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin in 1984's Amazing Spider-Man #14 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the mantle of the Goblin has plagued Spider-Man and his closest allies. From Harry Osborn's tortured tenure as the Green Goblin through Roderick Kingsley's Hobgoblin, every era of Spider-Man has been defined by his greatest villain's lineage. Though the appearance of this new fiend may hearken back to that of Menace, a female foe who first arrived during "Brand New Day," it's unlikely that Lilly Hollister has become the Queen Goblin, given her decision to copy the feline motif of Spider-Man's ex, Black Cat. This mysterious quality further connects the Queen Goblin to her peers, who keep their identities secret in order to evade capture.

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Before the wall-crawler faces off against the Queen Goblin, Ben Reilly will fight against Miles Morales for the right to call themselves Spider-Man. Recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man revealed that neither hero actually has a legal ownership over the name, with the copyright falling into the hands of the Beyond Corporation after the demise of Parker Industries. As the newly christened "Spider-Man Beyond," Ben's battle with Miles will determine Peter Parker's legacy, just as the Queen Goblin reestablishes the legacy of his greatest rival. Marvel says the consequences of the Queen Goblin's actions will have a ripple effect across the Spider-books, so maybe it's time for Miles and Ben to learn to put aside their petty differences and take on the task at hand.





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Source: Marvel Comics

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