Star Wars Series Could Replace Movies, But Is That a Good Thing?

Despite a few upcoming Star Wars movies, it seems Disney is more focused on bringing Star Wars shows to its Disney+ streaming service. For the first six years of Star Wars being owned by Disney, four Star Wars movies were released in cinemas, and only one TV show, Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD. But since the success of The Mandalorian, it looks like Lucasfilm is now going all-in with the series and taking a step back from movies.

In late 2020, Star Wars was a large part of the Disney Investor Day, where they showed off several upcoming projects spanning over the next several years. An overwhelming ten upcoming Star Wars shows were announced, many of which were meant to arrive by the end of 2022. However, only three Star Wars movies were revealed, with their details being incredibly vague.

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Out of the three announced movies, directors Taika Waititi and Kevin Feige didn't even have a title or any other details for their Star Wars films. And the only one that had a name was Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, which has recently been announced to be put on hold indefinitely, possibly due to creative differences between director Patty Jenkins and Lucasfilm. Even the long-announced trilogy to be directed by Rian Johnson hasn't been mentioned for many years, leading fans to assume it's been canceled.

All this means is that currently, there are two Star Wars movies seemingly in pre-production, with their release dates presumably being many years from now. This Star Wars schedule clearly shows a shift toward Disney+ shows, with the movies almost being phased out completely. This begs the question: is this the best move for the franchise?

No matter how good a Star Wars show is, there's something special about a movie. The story usually feels more like a spectacle, and watching a new Star Wars movie in the cinema is always a memorable moment. And while it's usually more exciting watching a Star Wars movie with an episode number as part of the saga, most fans have also enjoyed the two spin-off films. Many people praise Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for trying something different with its war-movie approach, and it's likely the story wouldn't have had the same impact if it were split up into a multi-part series.

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However, having multi-episode shows means that audiences get more Star Wars content overall and often every week. The usual total runtime for a season well exceeds that of a single movie, and it also allows audiences more time to grow attached to characters. And as proven with the latest season of The Mandalorian, Lucasfilm is more than capable of producing movie-like effects and storytelling for a 40-minute episode. With The Mandalorian and the recent Season 7 of The Clone Wars being many fans' favorite Star Wars content to release since Disney's acquisition.

Whichever way the future of Star Wars goes, the best outcome would be to have a good amount of both shows and movies. But if the future is exclusively shows, then most fans will agree that all that truly matters is telling a good story worthy of the Star Wars name.

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