Street Fighter 6 May Be Announced as Early as 2022

The next Street Fighter game may be revealed in 2022.

In a recently released video showcasing Street Fighter 5's final DLC character, the blonde-haired pugilist Luke, director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto heavily suggested that the next entry in the pioneering fighting game franchise will be revealed sometime next year. "While this is the end of this digital showcase series for SFV, this is more of a ‘see you soon’ rather than a ‘goodbye," Matsumoto said. The Capcom producer concluded the presentation by saying, "We look forward to providing you more information next year!," implying that some sort of new Street Fighter project, perhaps the long-rumored Street Fighter 6, or possibly a continuation of one of the franchise's numerous sub-series, such as Street Fighter Alpha, will be revealed in 2022.

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The majority of the presentation was focused on Luke, an entirely brand new character whom Nakayama and Matsumoto previously described as playing a key role in the future of the series, hinting that Luke may be featured in the next Street Fighter game as well. While the blonde boxer was initially unveiled to a mixed reaction due to his resemblance to previous characters, the footage showcasing his unique gameplay mechanics and combos has been generally well received by the fighting game community. Nakayama also teased that the character has a connection to Street Fighter 2's Guile, which will be detailed in the DLC fighter's story mode. Luke will be added to Street Fighter 5 on Nov. 29.

Luke caps off the unexpected fifth and final season of DLC characters for Street Fighter 5. This season of characters, which featured the return of fan-favorites such as Dan Hibiki and Rival Schools: United by Fate's Akira, received a much more positive reception than previous DLC seasons from the franchise's hardcore players. Nakayama acknowledged Street Fighter 5's uneven reception from the community, saying "For us, SFV has been a project with peaks and valleys, but thanks to our fans, we’ve been able to accomplish what we aimed for... We, the development team, will use this experience as a springboard to move on to the next project!"

Street Fighter 5 was originally released for the Sony Playstation 4 and Windows PCs in 2016. The game was initially criticized for a lack of content and unstable online play at launch, and underperformed commercially during its first year of release. However, it has since gone on to become the second best-selling game in the franchise, with over 6 million copies sold worldwide.

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