Super Mario: 5 Weird Facts About Bowser's Body

For more than 35 years, the Mario Brothers have been facing off against the iconic King Koopa, Bowser. A half-shelled, fire-breathing powerhouse, Bowser has always had a penchant for stealing princesses. This power-hungry Koopa also has delusions of grandeur, dreaming of one day taking over the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Peach beside him on his throne.

When Mario and Luigi found themselves exploring the insides of Bowser's body in Bowser's Inside Story, they discovered there was some pretty disgusting stuff going on in there. Fortunately, they were able to use the inner workings to find lost friends and eventually escape -- but the things they saw inside are enough to haunt nightmares for all eternity.

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Bowser's True Height Is a Mystery

Reports of Bowser's height have varied over the years, with the number ranging anywhere from four feet to 10 feet two inches. One reason for this could be that Bowser has the ability to change his size whenever he feels like it. It's possible he grows as needed to terrify any who'd dare to stand against him. Once, he even absorbed the power of a Grand Star, which pushed him to pretty commendable size. In his base form, however, he tends to bet twice as tall as Mario, meaning he's probably between eight and 10 feet tall.

Bowser's Bulkiness Isn't Muscle

No one can accuse Bowser of being skinny, especially when he's at full capacity lording over a confrontation with those who oppose him. While he looks pretty muscular, he actually has what is known as the "Flab Zone" in Bowser's Inside Story, which Mario and Luigi can explore after Bowser gorges himself on a bunch of fatty foods and starts to expand his waistline.

Apparently, this area of Bowser's body grows and shrinks based on how much food he has consumed and how much energy he expends. That means Mario and Luigi can only get inside the Flab Zone after Bowser binges on goodies in the feast hall of his castle.

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There's a Shop Inside Bowser's Diaphragm

Bowser inhaled a lot of things while under the influence of the Vacuum Shroom, which is how Mario and Luigi got inside his body in the first place. At some point, he inhaled enough Toads that they felt the need to open some shops, just in case adventurers happened by in search of empowering leisure wear, one ups and restorative super nuts.

The fact that the Toads within have been there long enough to set up shop suggests they've also spent time exploring their surroundings and gathering items and equipment also inhaled by their jailer at some point. Finding useful items to spend all those coins on means there's one less thing for Mario and Luigi to worry about when they get trapped inside enemy territory.

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Bowser's Stomach Is a Trash Pit

Anyone who's ever wondered why Bowser is so irritable probably hasn't stopped to consider what he eats. Bowser's stomach is full of all kinds of random junk, including a few of his own minions. Digestion is probably one of the more difficult parts of his day, causing all kinds of discomfort and making him really grouchy.

There are also pipes in there that lead to other areas of his body, like the funny bone and Toad Square. In fact, there are strange pipes set up all over inside Bowser's body, including the pipe that allows him to breathe fire. That almost makes a player wonder if the entire Mushroom Kingdom wasn't inhaled at some point by a monster even worse than Bowser.

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Bowser Can't Be Killed

Mario has faced off against Bowser numerous times over the years, and no matter how many times the Koopa King is defeated, he always comes back in the next game, bigger and even hungrier for world domination. There have been multiple instances where Bowser's flesh has been melted off after falling into the lava pit of his own dungeon, but still, he somehow emerges to continue the fight as little more than a living skeleton.

Whether his dark magic has led him to the gates of immortality or there's something more to him fans have yet to discover, it's guaranteed that no matter what Mario, Luigi and their friends do to Bowser, he'll bounce back with a vengeance -- even more determined to achieve his dark goals.

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