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Lobo's destructive attitude has always put him at odds with the righteous Superman. The two have been duking it out on the pages of comic books since Lobo's first DC appearance in '83. Even though they are polar opposites of each other, they are coincidentally the last surviving members of their species; although, in Lobo's case, that's due to a self-engineered genocide.

DC's Black Label strives to push the boundaries of storytelling by weaving outrageous stories away from the DC Universe's main timeline and this time they are bringing one of DC's never-ending rivalries to the digital age. Written by Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie, with art by Mirka Andolfo, and colors by Arif Prianto, Superman vs. Lobo is an epic, action-packed adventure.

Superman vs. Lobo #1 opens with a splash page depicting the birth of the universe and the ominous origin of the mysterious lifeform Numen. The story then cuts to modern-day Metropolis where everybody is hooked on a new social media app. Receiving a distress call from stranded astronauts near Jupiter, Superman rushes to help and is notified of an extraterrestrial threat on the resort planet Telk in the Vega System. Meanwhile, Lobo's vacation on Telk is cut short by the appearance of the giant floating alien, which makes the angry Czarnian act out with extreme prejudice. Superman arrives right on time to stop further destruction, but Lobo and Superman's difference in approaches put them on a warpath.

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Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie, who also spearheaded the critically acclaimed comic book Money Shot, take on the arduous task of writing the epic rivalry of Superman and Lobo. Their result is an interwoven narrative that takes the eponymous duo on an intergalactic journey. By introducing real-life elements like lack of corporate accountability and spread of misinformation, Seeley and Beattie ground Superman's surroundings and connect to the current political atmosphere of the world. Despite the overload of exposition in Superman vs. Lobo #1's initial pages, the plot gives equal exposure to both its beloved hero and anti-hero.

Andolfo has been collaborating with DC Comics since 2015, working on several women-centric titles like Harley Quinn and Bombshells. Andolfo produces a dynamic, stylish aesthetic by combining clean line art with detailed backgrounds. Colorist Arif Prianto uses a range of bright colors to highlight the comedic tone of the comic book. As the story proceeds into mayhem, with Superman and Lobo fighting extraterrestrial monsters, droids, and occasionally each other, the art team does an excellent job of depicting the destructions and explosions in all their glory.

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Superman vs. Lobo #1 is an exhilarating ride from start to finish, providing a multi-perspective narrative on both the titular characters and depict their explosive chemistry. Despite DC Black Label's penchant for over-the-top storytelling and gratuitous violence, the censoring of curse words and the general quality of the book makes it feel like a regular title. That being said, the issue is still a well-crafted tale that invokes a social commentary on the twisted side of social media. Superman vs. Lobo #1 ends with an unexpected turn of events that turns the worlds of both the Main Man and Man of Steel upside down.

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