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The Future of Movies? Robotic

Last weekend's most successful movie in American theaters? Real Steel. Transformers: Dark of the Moon now the fourth most successful movie of all time? There's only one thing we can take from these seemingly-freak occurrences: America loves robots. Maybe the movie industry should capitalize on this newfound fad.

Real Steel">Review | Real Steel

Director Shawn Levy's robot-boxing drama Real Steel delivers an emotional punch as a tale of two underdogs, a down-and-out dad and his sarcastic son played perfectly by Hugh Jackman and newcomer Dakota Goyo.

Real Steel's Robots To Life">Bringing Real Steel's Robots To Life

Spinoff Online pays a visit to the Detroit set of Real Steel, where production designer Tom Meyer discusses the challenges of breathing life into the sci-fi drama's mechanical powerhouses.

Real Steel">The Rise Of Robot Boxing And Real Steel

Director Shawn Levy and star Hugh Jackman detail the evolution of robot boxing in the near-future world of Real Steel, and explain how their film differs from the Richard Matheson short story on which it's loosely based.

Two Punching Robots Movies">Now There Will Be Two Punching Robots Movies

You might have thought that Real Steel was the closest you'd ever come to a Rock'em Sock'em Robots movie, but guess what? Hollywood is prepared to go the extra, depressing mile with the new rumor that none other than Wolfgang Peterson is working on a Rock'em Sock'em movie for real.