Thanos Just Killed One of the MCU’s Most Powerful Eternals

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Eternals #7, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced a number of new heroes courtesy of the film Eternals. The alien beings have been revealed as secret agents helping to protect Earth, but their current mission is quite different in recent comics. As they do try to form a protective armor around humanity in Eternals #7 (by Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribić, Matthew Wilson and Clayton Cowles), one of the MCU's newest and most powerful heroes dies at the hands of Thanos, who's only just getting started on a crusade of his own.

After seemingly meeting his end in Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos recently emerged from a black hole with Phastos using his body in a Frankenstein-like manner as a weapon. The scientist is upset after discovering that their Resurrection Machine takes human lives to rebirth them, so a regretful Phastos wants to use Thanos to break this vicious cycle that's occurred for millennia.

However, Thanos has plans of his own that involve another sinister Eternal, Druig. The mind-controller co-opts Phastos' plan as the Eternals convince their engineer to join them in working with the Deviants to figure out how to stop humans from dying when the god-like beings are resurrected.

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Druig had plans of his own, repairing Thanos' body in secret and removing the failsafe that Phastos left behind to destroy the Mad Titan if he broke ranks. Druig then secretly copied the kill order so that he could still maintain control over Thanos.

Druig then used Thanos to hijack the election of the Prime Eternal, making the Mad Titan the new leader of the Eternals. As the sinister Druig plots his next phase of conquest, Thanos usurps his plan by mercilessly killing him. With the death of the traitorous Eternal, Thanos has ensured his freedom from the failsafe that was keeping him under control.

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Although the actions of Thanos in this issue are brutal, they're also smart, as he has now eliminated the only person who had a way to control him. It's a dark end for Druig, who used his powers in the film in an effort to protect others, albeit in his own twisted way.

Druig plays a much more conniving role in the comic than he does in the film, and pays the ultimate price for his actions. While it is uncertain whether or not the Eternal will once again be resurrected, one truth is known for sure: Whether in movies or comics, Thanos is inevitable.

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