The Best X-Men Leader Became Marvel's Kinkiest Looking Villain

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Men #6, now on sale from Marvel Comics

Cyclops adopted the brand-new identity of "Captain Krakoa" recently, standing as the symbol of mutant nationhood. His new colors are green and white, his glossy new visor covers more of his face, and Krakoan flowers adorn his ears. Like many comic book characters, it's not the first time that Scott Summers has taken another moniker. In X-Men #51 and #52 (by Arnold Drake, Jim Steranko and John Tartaglione), Cyclops went undercover in Magneto's forces under the title of Erik the Red, and god was his costume kinky.

X-Men #51 contains the revelation that Magneto had survived his apparent death, as well as the revelation that Lorna Dane, AKA Polaris, is his daughter. He once again petitions the X-Men to join his quest for world domination, and as per usual, they decline his offer. Iceman is seemingly in love with Lorna, so he's torn up about her joining their nemesis, but Scott reassures him that he has a plan. Days later, Erik the Red appears outside Mutant City requesting a position on Magneto's team.

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Erik the Red's thighs are on full display, for some reason. The purpose of the horns on his helmet is similarly confounding, aside from the purpose of looking evil. His visor channels his eye-beams through his costume and out through his hands, helping to conceal his identity.

The X-Men end up sneaking into the base without any help from "Erik," and when Cyclops reveals his disguise to the team, he's immediately caught by one of Magneto's goons. Ultimately, Scott's plan to go undercover serves literally no purpose to the plot. No advantage is given by his disguise, and he would have gotten into the base just as easily by sticking with the team. Perhaps Scott donned the costume because he just really felt like showing some skin? Who knows.

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Some other characters in the X-Men mythos would take up the mask of Erik the Red over time, the most notable being Davan Shakari of the Shi'ar Empire. For reasons unknown, his alias is always spelled "Eric" rather than "Erik." He made his first appearance in X-Men #97 (by Chris Claremont, David Cockrum and Don Warfield), and it's never explained how or why he acquired Cyclops' costume. During the trial of Gambit in Uncanny X-Men #341 (by Scott Lobdell, Joe Madureira, Steve Buccellato and Team Bucce), Magneto dons the suit of Erik the Red, and once again, there's no explanation given.

Captain Krakoa's new outfit is a little out there. But unlike Erik the Red, this new identity actually serves a purpose. Cyclops has always tried to be a mascot towards his people, and the new getup allows all the estranged mutants of the world to have a figure that stands toe-to-toe with the likes of Captain America, Captain Britain or even Captain Canada. It might not stick, but it's certainly less of a confuddled mess than the legacy of Erik the Red. Seriously though, what's with the horns?

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