The Big Bang Theory: Only Sheldon's Mother Can Handle Him

Trying to manage Sheldon Cooper was a borderline impossibility on The Big Bang Theory. He was very difficult to live with, work with, date, and just be around in general. Things only got worse when he got obsessed with something and could not be dissuaded from his course of action. In those moments, the only option was to go nuclear and bring Sheldon's mother in from Texas.

Calling Sheldon a unique individual would be a massive understatement, to say the least. He suffered from a variety of mental health issues, many of which were never openly discussed or named in the series. Based on the evidence provided at different times, many fans attempted to diagnose the issues Sheldon dealt with though few were confirmed. What everyone did agree on was the fact that he was very challenging to be friends with.

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Because Leonard lived with Sheldon for so long, he developed his own means of handling his roommate. These methods weren't always successful but they played a part in keeping Leonard sane. Penny and Sheldon also had a special relationship, one where he learned to trust her, though even that often wasn't enough. Unexpectedly, Bernadette's previous life experience actually helped her manage Sheldon on some occasions.

But even these people didn't know what to do when their friend obsessively went off the rails and needed to be slowed down. That's when they would have to go old school and call in Mary Cooper. Sheldon's relationship with his mother was incredibly important to him, after all. While they didn't see eye-to-eye on everything, he respected his mother deeply and would actually listen to her when he was being stubborn.

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In Season 1, Episode 4, Sheldon greeted the new head of the physics department by insulting him to his face repeatedly. This was very much on-brand for him. Sheldon subsequently lost his job and refused to apologize to get it back. Mary Cooper made her debut in this episode, after Leonard called her in to help set her son straight. He apologized to his boss, got his job back, and Mary subsequently went on a date with that same boss.

Sheldon went on an absolute rampage in Season 2, Episode 7. He and Penny ended up in a brutal war over Sheldon's dominion in his apartment. The two of them got increasingly petty and vindictive until he threw her laundry out his window. Leonard gave Penny what she needed to end the battle in the form of Mary's phone number. She called and put Sheldon in his place, ending Penny's confrontation with Sheldon in a decisive fashion.

Without Mary's support, Sheldon would have been virtually impossible to keep under control at times. Even Amy, the only woman he has ever loved, had problems keeping him in check. Keeping all of that in mind, this has always begged the question of what his friends would have done if Mary couldn't calm him down. While that situation never came up in the series, perhaps the only course of action, in that case, would have been to bring in his Meemaw.

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