The Boys Puts Hughie in the Vought News Network Hot Seat

Hugh "Hughie" Campbell just met his most frustrating The Boys foe yet: the Vought News Network's Cameron Coleman.

In a clip posted by Hughie actor Jack Quaid and from the January 2022 episode of Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman, the news anchor brings Hughie onto his show to prove that their journalistic program is "fair and balanced" when covering the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs (FBSA). However, as soon as their interview kicks off, the host demands that Campbell -- an aid to Congresswoman Victoria Neuman -- answer "why the FBSA hates superheroes," framing the statement as "a simple question" despite its partisan nature. "Well to answer your question, the FBSA doesn't hate superheroes. Far from it actually. We're actually partnering with..." he responded, only for Coleman to cut him off and demand why the FBSA is conducting a "sham witch hunt" against superheroes.

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Coleman's comments stem from previous Seven on 7 stories, bringing up the FBSA investigating Evangelical superhero Ezekiel over claims of abuse and misconduct. Despite Campbell revealing that he and Neuman have witnesses on this case, Coleman dismisses them as being paid off while criticizing the agency for telling "slanderous lies about an American hero," routinely interrupting Campbell in the the process. The conversation is ultimately cut short when Coleman orders Campbell's mic silenced, with the network's scroll text describing the conversation as "FBSA Facts? Or More Leftist Fiction?"

Since last July, Amazon has released monthly Seven on 7 videos continuing the The Boys' storyline through the satirical lens of a biased news network's pundit series. In addition to his interview with Hughie, Coleman's segment foreshadowed an upcoming Godolkin University-centric spinoff series, which will be produced by Agent Carter's Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters. It's unclear whether Cameron Coleman will be a major or recurring character for The Boys Season 3, though the anchor confirmed in the episode's final minutes that Vought has upgraded him to a full-length news show, titled The Cameron Coleman Hour.

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Alongside the latest news episode, The Boys recently dropped its first promo for Season 3, teasing Homelander's mental deterioration during a photo-op and confirming that the series will return on June 3. Other recent previews include a behind-the-scenes look at the new Captain America-inspired hero Soldier Boy, played by Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles. Fans also received confirmation of when the long-awaited adaptation of The Boys' infamous "Herogasm" arc would release, which saw all of Vought's heroes secretly attend a resort for a super-powered sex party in the comics.

Season 3 of The Boys premieres June 3, 2022 on Prime Video.

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