The Boys Highlights Its Scarlet Witch Supe, Crimson Countess

The Boys' trickling teasers for the highly-anticipated Season 3 have revealed new details on the soon-to-debut Scarlet Witch character, the Crimson Countess.

In a Vought News Network: Seven on 7 clip, fictional conservative anchor Cameron Coleman began by introducing Crimson Countess as a "former Payback member." Featured in The Boys comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Vought-American's second-most popular superteam, Payback, is a parody of Marvel's Avengers. In this satirical team, the Crimson Countess character is an inspired spoof of the Scarlet Witch.

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Coleman reported on Crimson Countess' newly launched charity: chimpanzee sanctuary simply called Chimp Country. To finance her venture's construction costs, Crimson Countess offered Vought fans autographed photos, vintage memorabilia and limited meet/greet packages during recording sessions of her new upcoming single, "Chimps Don't Cry."

Vought International tweeted more press on Crimson Countess' charity with a caption that liked her to chimpanzee conservationist Jane Goodall but dressed in "blood red heels." Fitting with Crimson Countess' fire-wielding powers, the singing superhero has red cropped hair, shiny thigh-high boots, a skintight matching bodysuit and a flowing crimson cape.

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Despite her catchphrase, "She's the countess you can count on," it remains to be seen whether the Countess' Chimp Country sanctuary is actually legit, since many Vought charities have often proven otherwise. Several nefarious enterprises have satirically been featured in past seasons of The Boys, including Vought's Capes for Christ organization, when hypocritical leader Ezikel denounced homosexuality despite being secretly gay, or Vought's victim aid and Supe-Terrorist disaster relief, which was a coverup for the violent damage caused by its racist employee, Stormfront.

The Boys Season 3 may also have a minor tongue-in-cheek plotline, which hints at a supposed rivalry between two real-life film franchises. Because Vought's main superhero team, The Seven, parodies DC's Justice League and its second-hand group, Payback, imitates Marvel's Avengers, this sudden mingling of Payback members among The Seven could possibly draw satirical parallels to any alleged competitiveness between the House of Ideas and the Distinguished Competition. Further making the upcoming season all the more ironic, many Payback members have previously tried to join The Seven. In fact, Crimson Countess was no exception. Before Season 1, she sought The Seven's open slot, which in her unfortunate case, went to Starlight.

Prime Video's hit series first featured Crimson Countess during a Vought News segment's commercial break in November 2021. The comedic advertisement for Vought Land: The Super Park showed the Countess singing on stage about superhero history in a makeshift Vought amusement park show. As a promotional narrator announced over the clip, "Enjoy a blast from the past, that "Soldier Boy Ahoy." A musical journey into super history with Crimson Countess."

Season 1 and 2 of The Boys are streaming now on Prime Video, with its Season 3 debut set for June 3.

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