The Expanse Recap & Spoilers: S6, E5, 'Why We Fight'

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Expanse Season 6, Episode 5, "Why We Fight," available to stream now on Prime Video.

The Expanse has reached its penultimate episode and, with it, the war between the joint Earth-Mars Alliance and the Free Navy. Although the Free Navy's brutal commander Marco Inaros is losing the support of the Belters populating the space stations beyond Mars, he is still an incredibly dangerous figure, willing to plunge the entire solar system into destructive chaos rather than face the possibility of defeat. With times desperate, a new alliance must be forged, one that will determine the fate of humanity as this costly war escalates.

The Alliance is shocked to discover the Free Navy has erected rail guns on the ring station, powerful enough to destroy any vessels that approach it while also capable of firing on any planet connected to the ring's portal. Although United Nations Secretary-General Chrisjen Avasarala is urged to reprioritize the war effort to destroy the rail gun for the danger it presents to multiple solar systems, Avasarala is uncomfortable with abandoning the Belter communities they have liberated. A frustrated Bobbie Draper privately echoes her desire to fight back against the Free Navy, but is dismissed by Avasarala. On the other side of the ring, Cara and her strange friend successfully resurrect her late brother, unbeknownst to the rest of the colony.

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Avasarala meets Camina Drummer to coordinate a strategy in providing the Belters with supplies while battling their mutual enemy, Marco, though Drummer is still visibly distrustful of any overtures from the Alliance. Jim Holden approaches Avasarala with the proposal to warn Marco how dangerous the rings truly are for the benefit of the whole system, only to learn about the rail guns the Free Navy has installed. Instead, Avasarala asks Holden for additional insight on Drummer and for his assistance in getting her and the Belters' cooperation against the Free Navy. Drummer leaves her lovers Josep and Michio behind on Ceres Station to allow Josep to recover from his injuries while Drummer resumes her focus on battling the Free Navy.

As the Rocinante is fitted with new armor plating at Ceres, a haunted Amos Burton reunites with Bobbie, and the two drunkenly commiserate about how the war is going. Amos reveals to Bobbie that Holden deliberately spared Marco's life during their previous engagement to prevent Marco from becoming a martyr to the Belters. Bobbie reminds Amos that soldiers fight to support their comrades-in-arms, regardless of if they agree with their individual decisions or political stances -- Amos noticeably takes these words to heart to overcome his differences with Holden.

Marco sullenly observes the Belters steadily turning against him after Drummer's call to arms against him, with a growing number of Free Navy loyalists killed or expelled by Belters aligning themselves with Drummer but his forces celebrate their successful defense of the rail gun. Marco's advisor Rosenfeld shares security footage of Filip Inaros defending his rather against those expressing sympathy towards Drummer though Filip privately learns some of the duplicitous tactics Marco employs that has cost innocent Belters their lives during the war.

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Drummer reunites with Naomi Nagata, inviting her to tour her ship while it's docked at Ceres Station as the two old friends reconnect. Drummer quietly reveals that she has lost her entire family since the two last spoke, either to the Free Navy or in the resulting war. Though Drummer bristles at Naomi imploring her to personally meet with Avasarala on Ceres, she begrudgingly agrees. With certain conditions laid out, Drummer agrees to work directly with Avasarala to defeat Marco and the Free Navy, firmly reminding her that she doesn't work for her -- terms that Avasarala agrees to as The Expanse heads into its series finale.

Developed for television by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, The Expanse Season 6 releases its series finale Jan. 14 on Prime Video.

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