The Rocinante Unite For a Final Battle in Exclusive Clip

After six seasons, The Expanse is coming to an epic end. Season 6 follows a galactic alliance hellbent on destroying Marco Inaros and his Free Navy in an explosive showdown.

In an exclusive clip from The Expanse's final episode, the crew of the Rocinante prepares for a vital mission against the Free Navy. The ship's newest recruit, Clarissa Mao, accepts a request from the Roci's engineer Naomi Nagata to repair the vessel's injectors. As Clarissa investigates the ship systems, Naomi and Amos Burton reflect on their longstanding history.

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The Expanse scene demonstrates how much Clarissa and Naomi have grown since Clarissa first joined the Rocinante's crew at the end of Season 5. Initially, Naomi didn't trust Clarissa, despite Amos vouching for her. Since then, Clarissa has more than proven herself a valuable member of the crew, spearheading a mission to seize control of a Free Navy vessel and orchestrating bombardments of Earth and Mars from within the solar system's asteroid belt when Naomi faltered at a crucial moment. With the crew of the Rocinante now closer than ever ahead of the final battle, the team is ready for one last showdown with the Free Navy as an increasingly desperate Marco reveals how dangerous he truly is.

Prime Video officially renewed The Expanse for a sixth and final season in November 2020, ahead of the fifth season's premiere. The Expanse Season 6 followed Earth and Mars entering an alliance to dismantle the Free Navy. Meanwhile, the Free Navy's commander, Marco, loses his people's support due to his self-centered ways. Cornered, Marco has since revealed his secret weapon in the form of a railgun emplacement installed on a space station built around a ring portal leading outside of the system.

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The acclaimed science fiction series adapts the science fiction novel series of the same name written by James S.A. Corey, a joint pseudonym for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. Both authors served as writers and executive producers on the hit Prime Video series. Although the series debuted on Syfy, Prime Video picked up The Expanse series in its fourth season.

Developed for television by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, The Expanse series finale airs on Jan. 14 on Prime Video.

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