Brightburn Writers to Pen Script for Sony's Film Adaptation

AfterShock Comics' The Kaiju Score is getting a film adaptation from Sony Pictures and Escape Artists.

According to Deadline, Brian and Mark Gunn will write the script. (Brian is James Gunn's brother, while Mark is The Suicide Squad director's cousin.) The two previously wrote Brightburn and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and have other projects in development at New Line, Universal and Amazon.

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The film will be produced by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch for Escape Artists, and Lee Kramer and Jon Kramer for AfterShock Media. Tony Shaw, who brought the project to Sony, will also produce. Jiao Chen will oversee for Sony.

Sony acquired the rights to the film after a competitive bidding process in August 2020. ""I have a habit — maybe a bad one — of always trying to be funny or clever or sarcastic when people ask me questions, and I find myself at a loss for any of that here. The truth is that the whole thing has been wonderful and surreal, but I’ve also found myself kind of having not digested it because it happened so fast," writer James Patrick said after the deal was signed. "I've tried to not be excited about it and just focus on my work, but I've failed at that. I'm excited. Period. Excited because it will hopefully bring more eyes to the book since it won't come out until November [2020], excited for people to read the book and see how much more it is than just a good hook, and excited if it brings more attention to my other work and to [co-creator] Rem Broo's wonderful art and his other books."

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Written by Patrick and illustrated by Rem Broo, The Kaiju Score follows four desperate criminals as they try to pull off a massive heist in the middle of a kaiju attack. The first issue was released in November 2020.

"I think the fastest way for to describe it in general is what I put in the pitch. The Kaiju Scoreis a Quentin Tarantino film taking place in some corner of a Godzilla movie," Patrick previously said. "You have this giant canvas of a kaiju attack occurring, and as it happens there's this more personal story going on. And after that setup, it explores how these four characters, who are in just the worst situation in their lives, believe the only way out is to do this impossible thing. This crazy crime. It's about that desperation."

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Source: Deadline

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