The Witcher Star Refused to Read the Books Until He Was Cast

Before being cast as Lambert in The Witcher Season 2, actor Paul Bullion avoided all original books of Netflix's television adaption until he successfully landed the role.

"I didn't read the books until I got the part because I didn't want to interfere with whatever I was giving them in the audition room. It was working because they were recalling me," Bullion said in an interview with The Direct. Since Season 2's production was kept highly confidential in case of spoilers, Bullion instead trusted his acting instincts. "I had to kind of take a bit of an educated guess as to who I was auditioning for, because everything was under wraps," the actor said.

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Once he was offered Lambert, Bullion finally delved into the fantasy franchise's source material. Then, while reading the Witcher book series, written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, and playing the popular video games, Bullion's preparation eventually zeroed in on his character's uncertainty and self-doubt. "I wanted to make sure that I didn't play Lambert as an asshole for the sake of it. I made sure I grounded it in a sense of insecurity," he added.

Bullion also clarified that his acting approach strove for an original depiction of the distrustful Witcher by ignoring all previous portrayals. In order to explain Lambert's cynical stubbornness, Bullion said, "I rooted him in normal human behavior in the sense of if someone's been wronged by life, they have trust issues." Moreover, Bullion believed Lambert's nature traces back to his Witcher beginnings, saying, "He's good at it and he loves the people around him, but he didn't choose it. He's gone through these trails, all these really negative experiences. He's kind of like a veteran that come back from war. He has that 'I've seen some stuff, you don't know the half of it' mindset."

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Throughout filming, Bullion found particular inspiration from The Witcher's leading man, Henry Cavill, describing him as a gentleman and a giving actor. He added further praise by pointing out Cavill's passionate dedication to the series and constant support for his fellow costars. As he noted, "He was always there for advice. He was always there to discuss details. He wouldn't just like turn up and film, he'd be there to discuss the scenes in detail before. He would really go above and beyond to create a camaraderie that was transferred to the screen."

After expressing how much he loved playing Lambert, Bullion concluded by confessing his hopes to stay with the series for the long haul, promising, "I'm committed to The Witcher on there as long as they want to use me."

The Witcher's Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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Source: The Direct

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