Marvel Officially Confirms Who Thor's True Mother Really Is

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thor #17, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

One of the most shocking developments from the current volume of Avengers is that Thor's mother wasn't Gaea, as the God of Thunder long believed, but rather the Phoenix Force when the cosmic entity served on the Avengers 1,000,000 B.C. alongside Thor's father Odin. While initially incredulous at the assertion when the Phoenix informed him of this parentage while searching for a new host over one million years later, Thor has begrudgingly come around to accepting that his mother may have been the fiery force all along rather than the Earth goddess. And finally reuniting with Freyja, his presumed biological mother throughout his youth, Thor finally gets to the bottom of his parentage in a tender conversation with her.

While enjoying a quiet day out reconnecting with Jane Foster on Earth, Thor was summoned to a remote realm where he found himself face-to-face with Odin, with the father and son's dynamic as strained as it has ever been. The perpetrator of this awkward reunion was revealed to be Odin's long-lost daughter and Thor's half-sister Angela, from the secret Tenth Realm, Heaven. And while Angela's exchange with Thor and Odin is less than conciliatory, as is Freyja's brief conversation with Odin, Thor #17 -- by Donny Cates, Michele Bandini, Matthew Wilson and VC's Joe Sabino -- shows a much warmer reunion between mother and son.

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It doesn't take Freyja's motherly intuition to know that there has been a lot on Thor's mind ever since he succeeded his father on the throne. Freyja deduces further, by the way that Thor looks at her, that he is concerned with something regarding their own dynamic. Visibly struggling to get the word out, Thor just manages to utter the word "Phoenix" with Freyja immediately understanding what is troubling her son in that instance. Reminding Thor that she has always been aware of Odin's indiscretions and infidelities, Freyja points out that she was the woman who raised Thor all along and he always addressed her as mother, right from his first words.

Even before the Phoenix Force revelation, Thor always assumed that Gaea was his biological mother, not Freyja. And yet, Thor has always considered Freyja, the woman who raised with him, as his actual mother. This heartfelt conversation between mother and son reaffirms what Thor knew all along, that Freyja has always been his true mother.

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Ever since learning that the Phoenix Force is his biological mother, Thor has been visibly troubled, especially whenever he is near the Phoenix's new host Echo. With this reaffirming conversation, hopefully Thor will be able to get out of his own head a bit more moving forward, both as he continues his kingly duties on the throne of Asgard and as one of the most prominent figures among Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The God of Thunder still has a long way to go with his relationship with his father but, when it comes to his dynamic with his mother, Thor is as confident and loved as he has ever been.

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