True Beauty: The Original Love Triangle Reunites

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 179 of True Beauty, now available on Webtoon.

At the end of Episode 178, Seojun found Suho and Jugyeong holding hands outside of the final resting place of Seyeon, Suho and Seojun’s mutual friend, on the anniversary of Seyeon’s death. This interaction led all three to get upset for their own reasons. Given the location and date, Seojun probably couldn’t have found out about Suho and Jugyeong's relationship in a worse way. If the trio had been as close as they were before, they likely would've planned to honor their friend's death anniversary together. However, since Seojun and Jugyeong broke up, the trio stopped hanging out.

On Seojun’s end, he was so distraught that he couldn’t perform well for work and even broke dishes. In addition to feeling heartbroken about Jugyeong's new relationship, he was also hurt since he hated seeing Jugyeong upset because he was upset. He wanted her to smile so he made the effort to talk things out with her. On Jugyeong’s end, she was overwhelmed after seeing Seojun unexpectedly and really felt the weight of the love triangle by trying to understand when she started getting between the two of them. Mentally going through the events that the trio experienced grounded her. Jugyeong agreed to meet with Seojun.

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Seojun was able to voice his concerns that he didn’t want to upset Jugyeong and wished they could be friends instead of feeling awkward when they saw each other. Jugyeong agreed and Seojun voiced support for the new couple. Privately, he was upset about it given how deep his feelings ran for Jugyeong, but he acknowledged that he had originally come between Suho and Jugyeong before Suho had to leave town. This selfless acceptance, and prioritizing Jugyeong's happiness, couldn’t have been easy for Seojun -- it showed growth for his emotional maturity.

Suho appeared to be upset that he’d lose Jugyeong again. It’s unclear if he meant he might lose her to Seojun, but her worried face did make him doubt her confidence in their relationship. He could still be haunted by how their first whirlwind romance ended abruptly when he had to leave to care for his father, and it could also point towards feelings of abandonment that he's struggled with and would potentially need to address. When Jugyeong asked Suho about his thoughts on her and Seojun being friends, he voiced his honest opinion -- including his insecurities, but also an assurance that this relationship was his priority above any discomfort. Thankfully, Jugyeong reassured Suho that he was the one she wanted to be with.

This episode showed a lot of emotional growth between all three main characters. The plot could have easily slipped into more drama between Suho and Seojun, and more confusion for Jugyeong. However, each of the trio communicated their concerns thoroughly to the people that needed to hear them. They all held themselves accountable for the events that had led up until this point. While Seojun’s was understandably hurt, this development may have helped him create a boundary so he could become friends with Jugyeong again.

Jugyeong’s physical and verbal response to Suho’s worries may come into play in future installments as overcompensating to ease his thoughts, however, that remains to be seen. The trio as a whole seem to be making a lot of effort to ensure the happiness of one another. With those good intentions in mind, a lack of drama seems to be on the horizon. Maybe the trio will come back together soon -- and this time in a far more wholesome and mutually beneficial way.

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