John Finally Shows Progress in Managing His Anger

Warning: This contains spoilers for unOrdinary Episode 239 by uru-chan available via Webtoon.

Set in a school for strong superpowered students, unOrdinary is comparable to works like My Hero Academia. The former, however, focuses more on social issues, hierarchy, and mental struggles and less on superheroism. Its main character has just come out of a long struggle against himself, but his worries aren't over yet. The atrocities he committed aren't without ramifications, and he has yet to fully repent for them. Recent developments in Episode 239, however, indicate that John is finally starting to better himself.

After piecing together recent events with those he overlooked during his long spree of outbursts, John came to the conclusion that Seraphina was hiding something from him. However, his lead ended with an invisible intruder near the Safe House and that's one zone he couldn't get himself into. That is unless he finally faced the consequences of his hateful actions and opened his mind to change. Reminded of what Remi's advice to him, that's what John was set to do. He approached Blyke, the new King of Wellston and one of the students who hated him the most to ask for advice.

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What John did during his tenure as Wellston's King was atrocious, yet there were still people who chose to trust him. Seraphina, being his closest friend, was one of those people. John knew that that was something more than he deserved, and he finally heeded Seraphina's words. However, this was also the reason ignoring a possible threat to Seraphina is not an option. She had always been dear to him, and the whole tyrant John debacle only amplified that feeling.

John's reluctance in approaching the Safe House was rooted in the fact that he tried to abolish it on multiple occasions. The appearance of an invisible person near the club was the final straw that disallowed John to continue ignoring its existence. The other reason was that the Safe House was organizing a trip and he caught Seraphina and Arlo being sneaky about it. When he did try approaching Remi about joining the club and coming to the trip, the current Queen of Wellston didn't push him away. She simply told him that he first had to mesh with the other members of the club. Naturally, that wasn't an easy task.

The Safe House's primary purpose is to provide a peaceful and safe environment for everybody. That being said, most of its members are on the lower strata, since they are mostly the victims of bullying. John, being the worst predator recently, would naturally not be receiving a warm welcome. There will always be an eye monitoring him, and one small mistake may immediately revoke his membership. Asking someone for help was certainly the correct course of action, but John choosing Blyke is an interesting turn of events.

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Fans will remember that John trashed Blyke multiple times and that the latter hates John's guts the most. He wasn't the kindest character either, since he also injured John. With such a history between them, John approaching him for help is a big show of humility. John could've easily just approached Remi, who showed the most trust in him. This decision shows that John is indeed trying to change himself.

Blyke will likely not immediately agree to John's request for help, but it will certainly bug him. Either John will convince him or someone, probably Remi, will help John after getting news of it. Whichever the case will be, this is also a step towards John finally expanding his social circle at Wellston. Blyke himself also tried to befriend John before, but the latter ignored him and this rquest may realize a big what if.

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