The Witcher, Squid Game Props Are Up for Grabs With Netflix's Fansgiving Week

Netflix has launched an inaugural Fansgiving event to celebrate its devoted streaming audience, with chances to win prizes that range from replica props from Netflix original series to globetrotting experiences to exclusive events.

Forty-eight authenticated replica props from Bridgerton, Lost in Space, Squid Game, The Witcher, Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, Sex Education and Stranger Things are available in the sweepstakes for eligible fans at PropDrop.Shop.

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The full list of props includes:

Bridgerton: Duke & Duchess of Hastings Portrait (1)

Bridgerton: Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers (3)

Lost in Space: Prof. Maureen Robinson’s Spacesuit (1)

Squid Game: Mugunghwa Red Light, Green Light Doll (2)

Squid Game: Contestant Gift Box Casket (3)

Squid Game: Dalgona Game Shapes Set (3)

The Witcher: Princess Cirilla's Blue Cloak (3)

The Witcher: Geralt of Rivia’s Wolf Medallion (3)

The Witcher: Jaskier the Bard’s Lute (3)

Money Heist/La Casa de Papel: Bank of Spain Model (2)

Money Heist/La Casa de Papel: Stolen Dali Mask Faux Gold Bars (3)

Money Heist/La Casa de Papel: Painting of Andrés de Fonollosa, aka Berlin (3)

Sex Education: Maeve Wiley’s Moordale Secondary School Locker (3)

Sex Education: Dr. Jean Milburn’s Vagina Art (3)

Sex Education: Anna’s Happy Place Home Doormat (3)

Stranger Things: Max’s Madrid Skateboard (3)

Stranger Things: Mike’s Schwinn Sting-Ray Bike (3)

Stranger Things: Welcome to Hawkins Sign (3)

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In addition to the props, certain lucky fans will win the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to exclusive fan events around the world with Netflix paying the expenses. These experiences include two tickets to Paris for the Season 2 premiere screening of Emily in Paris, a trip to San Francisco’s Upside Down to attend a Stranger Things pop-up experience and a trek to New York City for a Money Heist/La Casa de Papel pop-up event.

One lifetime Netflix subscription is also a potential prize for eligible Fansgiving sweepstakes participants. Netflix aims to use the week of Thanksgiving to celebrate super-fans of its original series on social media as well. This year has seen the streaming giant launch various new events to connect with fans, including Netflix Geeked Week and a virtual festival called Tudum.

Entrance into Netflix’s Fansgiving sweepstakes is now open to eligible fans with the window for entry closing Friday, Nov. 26 at 11:59pm and with winners to be announced on Tues Nov. 30.

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Source: Netflix

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